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This assignment has three parts. All parts should be submitted in one document.

Part 1: Identify the key components of a functional behavior assessment (FBA). Explain the key components of a behavioral intervention plan (BIP). Defend why monitoring and adjusting the plan is important, and why is it is also important to conduct a FBA prior to developing a BIP. Discuss why Step 6 in an FBA is crucial and how it can be done through observations.

Part 2: Explain the key issues in developing a Social Skills Lesson, be sure to include why self-monitoring is crucial to teaching students with EBD, and how it can be implemented into a Social Skills Lesson.

Part 3: Assume that your principal has asked you to evaluate the Life Space Crisis Intervention model. As a special education teacher, argue in support or against the implementation of this program for use with the school’s EBD population. Use at least two scholarly peer-reviewed sources to support your position.

Length: 4-6 pages, including title and reference page.

References: Minimum of 2 scholarly journal references.

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