Shakira research essay | English homework help

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 Content  60%

1)  Information about the language and culture of the place/places  

 where the singer has lived (15%)

2)  Information about the singer’s life and how it is that he or

She came to be bi-or trilingual (15%)

3)  Information about how the singer uses language in his or

her songs. Does she code-switch? Does he use one language for

some songs and one language for other songs? If so, is there

a distinct style, rhythm or accompaniment to songs in one of the

languages? If you want to use this section to address anything else

about the music, feel free. (15%)

4)  Why did you choose this person? What is it about this music or this 

singer that appeals to you? This is the only part of the paper where you can

use “I.” The rest of the paper should be written objectively without

inserting personal observations. (15%)

English    25%

You will be graded on your academic writing: syntax, spelling,

coherence, cohesion and clarity of language. I do not like

ornate and convoluted sentences. Keep your writing clean, direct and clear. Read it out loud and pretend that a14-year-old with an IQ of 150 is listening to you. If that 14-year-old does not understand, it is likely that you have “over” written.

Structure  15%  

The sections listed above in content should be clearly divided 

through the use of paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with an

introductory sentence and end with a sentence that has summative 


A possible structure:

Introduction – Shakira……..Colombia and the United States…..Spanish, English and


Colombia Spanish is the majority language…..immigrant population….

Minority languages

Shakira – Shakira was born to parents that…….spoke her languages _____…

was discovered…..moved to the United States

Language use – as a child Shakira sang …..after moving to the United States……

Sings in Spanish…….

I – Since I was a little girl, I have listened to Shakira……Since then I have

started listening to other music that……