Snort | Telecommunications Engineering homework help

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Instructions: Snort was developed for Unix/Linux machines, but there are versions compatible for Microsoft Windows. Your project to be completed is to download, install, and configure Snort on a Linux machine. It is recommended that you construct a Linux virtual machine (vm) in either VMware Workstation or Oracle VirtualBox, install/configure Snort, and then show a successfully validated configuration. Part of your installation/configuration of Snort will be to create a Security Group Snort with a user Jane who has permissions for Snort.

The document you will turn in to receive credit will contain your name, date, and consist of two screenshots:

  1. Your terminal window showing the command sudo snort –T –i eth0 –u Jane –g snort –c /etc/snort/snort.conf. The interface might be something other than eth0, but everything else must be the same.
  2. Your terminal window after the command has run and shows Snort successfully validated the configuration!
    Snort Exiting