Sociology course reflection | Sociology homework help


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Write a reflection on how this course – the content, assignments, extra credit discussions – have had an impact on you. Below are possible models for what you might argue:

I’ve learned a lot of new facts and concepts, and these have helped me see the world and my life in new light. Elaborate on this.

I knew that these gender related processes and patterns existed even before I took this course, but it is good to learn about the specific facts and figures to back up my prior knowledge and sense. Elaborate on this.

Everything I learned in this course validates or contradicts what I have believed in or experienced all my life. Elaborate on this.

This course has exposed me to information and concepts that make me uncomfortable, and it has prompted me to think in new and different ways than I am used to. Elaborate on this.

The only argument that you cannot make is that you haven’t learned anything from this course and there has been no impact. This would not be productive.