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Learning Resources

Required Readings

James, R. K., & Gilliland, B. E. (2017). Crisis intervention strategies (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Chapter 17, “Disaster Response” (pp. 579-636)

Dombo, E. A., & Ahearn, F. L. (2017). The aftermath of humanitarian crises: A model for addressing social work interventions with individuals, groups, and communities. Illness, Crisis, & Loss, 25(2), 107–126.

Kemp, S. P., & Palinkas, L. A. (2015). Strengthening the social response to the human impacts of environmental change. Grand Challenges for Social Work Initiative Working Paper. Retrieved from

Levy, B. S., & Patz, J. A. (2015). Climate change, human rights, and social justice. Annals of Global Health, 81(3), 310-322.

Required Media

Laureate Education (Producer). (2010c). Crisis in the nation and the world: Natural and human-made disasters [Video file]. Retrieved from

Note:  The approximate length of this media piece is 13 minutes.

Accessible player –Downloads–Download Video w/CCDownload AudioDownload Transcript

Episode 262 – Dr. Lisa Reyes Mason: Social Work Research on Global Environmental Change: Past, Present, and Future Directions. (2019, April 22). inSocialWork® Podcast Series. [Audio Podcast] Retrieved from

Hayhoe, K. (2018, November). The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: Talk about it [Video file]. Retrieved from



Assignment: Climate Change and Environmental Justice

When a disaster occurs, media outlets often focus on the images of the initial impact of the destruction and the grief-stricken faces of survivors. After the rubble begins to be cleared away, however, media outlets typically lose interest and fail to report on the recovery process for the survivors. However, long after the media fades, individuals continue to need help and assistance, whether due to displacement or loss of livelihood.

For this Assignment, think about the influence of climate change and effects of natural disasters. Reflect on the disparate impact on diverse communities and the role of social workers in preventing or intervening with impacted communities.

The Assignment (2–3 pages):

  • Describe the role of climate change on natural disasters.
  • Explain the concept of environmental justice as it relates to disasters caused by climate changes.
  • Explain the role of social workers to mitigate and ameliorate the effects of climate change.

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are required to provide a reference list and to appropriately cite, in APA style, all references used within your Assignment.

By Day 7

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