Study: Watching the Salt Karen is a 66-year-old grandmother of five. She worked in an office as a lifestyle, she often skipped breakfast and relied on coffee to see her through to lunch,

Study: Watching the Salt Karen is a 66-year-old grandmother of five. She worked in an office as a lifestyle, she often skipped breakfast and relied on coffee to see her through to lunch, which she usually bought from one of the food trucks outside her office building. Her favorite lunch was a sliced pork sandwich and pickle from the deli meat truck. She continued drinking coffee into the afternoon, and then sometimes at home after dinner. Despite her retirement, her dietary practices remain essentially the same, except that she buys meats from the grocery store and makes her own sandwiches now. Karen rarely ever drinks plain water, herbal tea, juice, or milk-black coffee and red wine are her only sources of hydration. For many years, Karen has battled kidney stones, high blood pressure, headaches, and chronic fatigue. How have Karen’s dietary habits contributed to her health issues and what changes should she make to her routine? legal secretary for many years before recently retiring. Due to her job and busy 1. Although Karen drinks a moderate amount of fluid each day, all of it (except the wine) contains caffeine-a diuretic that stimulates the body to urinate. Assuming that Karen is getting enough fluid to offset coffee’s diuretic effect, what potential conditions related to chronically low fluid intake levels (dehydration) might she need to be aware of? a. glaucoma, cataracts, and night blindness b. gallstones, urinary tract infections, and diabetes c. atherosclerosis, hypotension, and migraines d. kidney stones, hypertension, and constipation e. heart attack, stroke, and diabetes 2. On average, Karen drinks about five mugs of coffee and one glass of red wine per day. According to government recommendations, how many cups of fluid per day should be consumed via beverages by American women? a. 11 cups O b.9 cups c 10 cups d. 13 cups e. 12 cups Ch 8 Case Study: Watching the Salt 3. Karen noticed that her taste perception is a little off and she has noticed that her appetite is lower than normal. Which of the following minerals could she be deficient in? a. selenium A-ZI b. fuoride c lodine d. Irom e. zinc 4 Karen was told by her doctor that increasing her magsesium intake might help with the weakness she has been feeling Which of the following meals has the highest levels of magnesium? a turkey with a spinach salad and a gass of soy mik Ob beef burito with cheddar dcheese, tomatoes, and lettuce Gsteak with mash potatoes and a glass of water d grlled chicken with com and a glass of orange julce spaghett and meabalis with a glass of red wine 5 Karen is worried about osteoporosis. She read that many things can affect calcium absorption. Which of the following can inhibit the absorption of dietary calcium? a omega 3 faty acids b. omega 6 faty acids c fber d vtamin D e vtamin C 6. Karen has learned that some of her dietary favorites are high in sodium. She’s reluctant to give them up, but decides she can live without table salt in order to bring her daily sodium levels down. She estimates that she consumes 1.5 g table salt per day, so how much sodium is being reduced from her diet if she puts the saltshaker away? a. 900 mg Ob 600 mg c 750 mg d. 1,200 mg e 1,050 mg 7. Karen learns that higher intakes of dietary potassium can balance the excess sodium in her diet and maybe lower her blood pressure and reduce her risk of cardiovascular disease. Which food and beverage are great sources of potassium and, therefore, ones that Karen might consider consuming? a, chicken and coffee b. spinach and herbal tea c. avocados and mik O d baked potatoes and orange juce e wid salmon and milk 8. Given Karen’s long-term coffee habit, her supplementation with lots of caleium, and history of chronic fatigue and headaches, what trace mineral is she most likely deficient in? a. chioride b seenkum C lodine d fluoride Ocron

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