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Who should pay for the passage of a vehicle on a covered bridge?

Say I have a covered bridge. If I own land adjacent to the covered bridge on two sides, and the covered bridge spans the property between the two, is it the owner of the property on each side or the owner of the land between the properties that should pay for passage? If it is the property owners, does the property owner have to ask permission of the owners of the property opposite them, or does the law assume that if they have permission to cross the land, they have permission to cross the covered bridge?
Does it make a difference if I am the property owner of the land, or if I am a visitor, in which case I would be the owner of the bridge. Also, I would assume that if I crossed the bridge, my property owners would not be charged, since I would be trespassing on their property, right?


This would be determined by the laws pertaining to that particular bridge, state or federal.

The federal government maintains a database of covered bridges that lists them by their owner, condition, difficulty, and whether or not they are usable. If the bridge appears on this list, you should be able to check to see who owns the bridge. From the National Park Service:

In 1990, the year the first comprehensive national survey of covered bridges in the United States was published, over 200 covered bridges were operating on the National Register. At this time, roughly 500 covered bridges still exist in the United States. Many of these bridges are located on private land. Over 60% of these bridges were built before 1910.

State government records often list who owns the bridge, but that is usually more because the state is maintaining the bridge, not because they are the owner of the bridge.

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