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Name AshenForest
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 8920 votes )
Update (11 days ago)



If you’re looking for a captivating story that combines fantasy and horror, then you’ve come to the right place. AshenForest is a 2D Point & Click with a unique visual style. Journey into the dark world and unravel the mystery.

The game offers 20+ different endings and 3 distinct endings that can be chosen independently. Take a deep dive into the story with various dialogues and different characters.

The graphic and visual style of the game is made up of a dark world that is contrasted with a light source. There are a variety of creepy environments and story-driven game mechanics.

The achievements are available on both, Steam and You will be challenged with both the Achievements and the Gameplay.


Strange people have been roaming the region and killing villagers. In order to save their beloved villagers, make it back to your stronghold.

Grab your sword and take this journey with the heroes across the dark plains and find out what really happened behind the dark fog.


A 2D point and click adventure game where you can learn from your mistakes.

An environment that features eeriness, and mysterious dungeons for the brave adventurers.

Watch your back and be careful to avoid falling traps, as there are various kinds.

Watch out for spikes and poisonous mushrooms, as getting spiked will kill you.

The game offers a mix of combat and puzzle solving.

Dialogue Events

The dialogue system has quite a lot of options. From simple and straightforward to more complicated and action driven. The dialogue will be appropriate to the situation and the dialogue can even change depending on the choices you have made. This can make the game more challenging as you have to decide which path to take.


The gameplay is based on the Point & Click system. It is meant to offer a flexible way to solve puzzles.

You can take on the role of several characters and take different approaches to defeating your enemies.

The combat is a mix of stealth and action.

A variety of items are available for you to use such as a dart, a hammer, a knife, a blowgun, and various potions.

The enemies are ready to attack you at all times.

You can even solve puzzles with the help of your friends and set out to save the region.

You can even choose a different ending for your game depending on the decisions you have made


Features Key:

  • Frame Rate: Estimated to the nearest 10fps
  • Experience: Based on the level design to the nearest level playtime
  • Number of Players: Based on the number of plot views in the environment
  • Map Size: Based on the number of plot points on the map
  • AshenForest has been

    • Newly designed
    • Uncovered

    New Combat/Combat Moves

    • New Combat Moves
    • Faster Circle Animations
    • Dynamic
    • Combat AI
    • Autonavigation
    • Detection Surface Movements and Movement
    • Intelligence Perception
    • Adaptive Shields
    • Hover Armour
    • Techniques Ability

    Developers Changelog:

    • Bugfix version


    • Multiplayer version
    • CSS animation
    • Saving/Loading own data
    • RGB lighting
    • Comfortable UI
    • AshenPath Builder

    A/OF/1–15 \-


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    First-person combat. Zombie-infested ruins make this bloodbath!
    Your mission is clear: survive.
    Fight your way through the zombie infested forests of AshenForest. To survive, you will have to fight the living dead of this mysterious apocalypse, solve puzzles and get the resources you need to repair your weapon. In a small but unpredictable world, cunning, quick thinking and a gun-arm is your most powerful tool.
    • You are NOT in charge of the world and all its zombies, but a pawn in a dangerous game!
    • Smooth and fast action.
    • Surviving will be challenge enough, but you will have to solve puzzles in order to progress!
    • Overcome the many challenges as you play your way through to a glorious climax!
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    Sitemap: Licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.
    // See the LICENCE file in the repository root for full licence text.

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    use App\Models\User\StepName;
    use Cake\Datasource\EntityInterface;
    use Cake\ORM\Entity;

    * @Entity(forceCollectionClassName=”App\Models\User\Step”)
    class Step extends Entity
    * @var \DateTime
    * @ORM\Column(type=”datetime”)
    protected $dataCreated;

    * @var bool
    * @ORM\Column(type=”boolean”, default=true)
    protected $isStarted;

    * @var array
    * @ORM\Column(type=”array”)


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    Video Game Review
    Oct 13, 2009 20:49

    AshenForest is still waiting for a release, but this game is already out. Fight underground, with a smart and hard game. It is similar to Ghost Recon. It is a stealth-RPG. You can play with up to 2 players online as co-op.Good news for kids. Even though they are full of fun, wonder and joy, they are also quite sensitive and empathetic to the world around them. They are open to change, and don’t stick to the comfort zone. They accept others’ feelings and thoughts, accept their emotions and are curious to know about them.

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    What’s new:

    > it says it’s a partition
    MaTaKsA: OK, so what happens when you boot? Does it go through the entire boot process or is it cut off at that point?
    I haven’t partitioned this drives at all
    is that why?
    AshenForest: No, that’s not why.
    AshenForest: What error do you get when you try?
    thank you for the ping
    Why am I getting an error about having no partition table? It’s a 9TB array
    AshenForest: perhaps this is relevant?
    AshenForest: did you use the –no-drive-list-at-boot command?
    MaTaKsA: no problem, glad I could help. I’d also recommend posting a screenshot of the error itself and/or boot process if you can, that can help the team.
    it goes to ubuntu shell
    MaTaKsA: ok… can you post a screenshot of your systems dashboard if you can?
    I see that it says skipped because some partitions are missing
    ok, and what else do you see there?
    any other crashes, I mean?
    did you install anything after it started failing?
    I see login screen of omentum
    and then I see this

    you wouldn’t happen to be in a state-less mode?
    as in, no configuration or otherwise?
    ok, while your there in your desktop


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    System Requirements:

    Windows: 7, 8.1, 10
    Mac: 10.10+
    Xbox One: Xbox One version does not support mouse
    Playstation 4: The latest patch supports playing with a Playstation 4 controller. The version numbers on the PS4 are the version numbers for the PlayStation 4 OS and the patch are the patches for the PS4 OS.
    A network connection is required to play the game in single player.
    The game is distributed in a file on disk named _GAME_INFO. As long as this file is present in the same directory as


    Additional Information

    Name AshenForest
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 8920 votes )
    Update (11 days ago)


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