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Mars Horizon is an open world 3D adventure game, mixing the best of the “Satanic Panic”, “Lost Cause” and “Sega Dreamcast” era of gaming. Explore the landscape of planet Mars, using your all-terrain vehicle (ATV), to gather resources and to discover the interesting mysteries of the red planet.

Your mission is to reestablish contact with the U.S. Mars expedition. To do this you must explore, complete missions, survive and make some money. To get here you must survive and exploration the planet Mars. Without a map or GPS equipment, you will have to find the way you need.

Defeat the minions and the giant, mysterious seed of evil you will find across the red planet.

The game is an open world environment with an ability to be a local or online multiplayer.


Playable as a single player local or online multiplayer!

Humor game genre!

Explore Mars, complete missions, survive and make some money.

Collect resources and find weapons for your survival.

Find and discover the mysteries of the red planet!

Gather resources

Fend off the minions and evil you will face on your journey

Defeat the minions and the giant, mysterious seed of evil you will face on your journey


Single Player:

Local Multiplayer:

Online Multiplayer:

The game is an open world environment, with an ability to be a local or online multiplayer.

In local multiplayer you can control your character from a second desktop, which will add more gameplay and fun than playing locally on a single computer. (Each player must have a Windows-based PC installed to connect to the game.)

At launch it will support up to three players locally, in which one will be the host and will control the ATV.

Online multiplayer will work with four players on three different computers, and will use modern networking technology to allow players to compete with each other. However the game will also be able to communicate with three other players at the same time, to let you create groups to do activities together.

Choose your path:

The Mars Horizon Adventure Game campaign consists of 38 missions, each set in a different area across the Mars surface. Choose your playstyle and have a lot of fun!

The maps, decorations and characters are inspired by popular 8-bit and 16-bit games such as GTA,


Features Key:

  • Lead designer: Mike Cotton, co-creator of Risk (Risk) and Relic
  • World Map: Show the world in detail
  • Statistical warfare and influence: Predict how much damage your units will do, when your best units are most likely to perform.
  • Battlefronts and cards: Play out battles in a variety of different and engaging ways. Create a total of 20 game rounds.
  • AI: Play with a variety of different AI strategies
  • Real-time account, battle and trading
  • Fabric interface
  • Unlimited geography
  • Planetary system from Kepler
  • Short game length
  • Age based stat-lines, traits and special abilities
  • Automatic destruction of your territory

In a nutshell:

Beyond your Fear is a realistic card-game where you play out battles over a planet. Planetary survival depends on your relationship to other players in the game, ranging from friendly relations over trade to intense battles. Geographic proximity will open up areas for trading and influence, but you may also have to fight battles if your opponents have controlled your key areas.

Version v1.0.2:

  • Minor bugfixes, translations and adjustments


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It is the nature of the human mind to roam about and sneak away from work. But what if our whole world is littered with temptations? After lots of years in corporate world, Francesco Cirillo came to the conclusion that the best way to stop this would be to shut off his phone.
Now, he is wondering if his phone was off for just a few minutes. But the turning point was when he changed to using the pomodoro technique, and he was utterly surprised how much better he worked, how much more productive he was. Moreover, he managed to reduce a lot of his stress level, and he realized that people are not only working for the money, but for the game as well.
Looking for a game to get the most out of your pomodoro, he came up with an RPG gamified world set in a medieval setting. In this game, you’ll get to command your sword, magic and other weapons in different PvP modes and fight with the other players to win, get rewards, and the chance to become a legend in the world.
Take on the role of King Malcolm, one of the most powerful immortal, to save the balance of the magic world.
You can say that you are closer to everyone and one of them is yourself. Get closer to them and you will grow in strength and power.
In The Legend of Pomodoro, you can enjoy yourself as you progress through the stories in the medieval setting with the character.
Strictly keep track of the time on your phone, make sure you are available at the designated time as your pomodoro will start automatically if you are 5 minutes late.
– Yes, the game allows you to turn off the timer and resume it without any penalty as long as you did not go into the idle-game window.
– The game has 2 ways to check what you are doing, that is, e.g. you can watch the task status and/or the timer status on the game screen itself.
– It is also possible to pause and play the game when in idle. However, that action will cause the task to be reset.
– You can skip the ending cutscene, but the ending credits will still be displayed.
– This game is free to play, there is no in-app purchases. Please remember to switch off the game when you are done, else you will get a penalty.
– Don’t share anything with your


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The DLC adds the Leather Outfit to the Ranger category.
The DLC adds the Leather Outfit to the Dwarf category.
The DLC is an update of “Warhammer Vermintide” game content in Uplay-registered versions of the game.
The DLC adds a three new weapon types: Longsword, Rapier, and Great Axe.
The DLC contains eleven new costumes.
The DLC contains eleven new items and equipment.
– The DLC is an update of “Warhammer Vermintide” game content in Uplay-registered versions of the game.
– The DLC adds a three new weapon types: Longsword, Rapier, and Great Axe.
– The DLC contains eleven new costumes.
– The DLC contains eleven new items and equipment.Q:

How to load on Click into each div?

I have a div that displays my news section of the website. The container div loads the news onto the page. When I click on a news item it links that news item to a html page. How can I have the news section load into a div with the onClick event when a button is clicked?
I have 2 divs with data-attribute. If I load 1 div it is automatically loaded into both of them.


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What’s new:

    To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Swiss Federal Railway (DB), Fiat Ferrovia has developed an add-on model for Train Simulator: DB BR 440 ‘Coradia Continental’.

    The add-on is compatible with any modern version of Train Simulator.

    The add-on model allows train crew members to drive the most important freight trains in Switzerland. With the add-on, you can recreate the real routes and maneuvers the workers make in the course of their daily routine, such as loading and unloading at the destination of their daily route, special traffic-like shifting of freight trains, or special troubleshooting requiring special measures and equipment.

    All action-packed DRC routes such as the MenaggioRoute, the LorenzRoute and the ZermattRoute as well as assorted outdoor real-life routes can be recreated by using the add-on model.

    In addition to the locomotives and wagons of the DB Freight Class 40, you can put to your service the armored freight wagons of Class 45UB, the passenger wagons of Classes 20 and 22, the open containers of Class GP 15, the diesel electric shunting locomotives of Classes 50 or 70 and the electric engines of Classes 100, 200 or K series. Also covered are the suburban rail units of Classes 1400, 1400F, 1470, 1480, 1500C, HC 10 or HC 15.

    The add-on also has many corporate add-ons with extra changes and improvements to further extend the number of scenarios you can run. All the main routes in Switzerland are provided with loop-rounding facilities, which means that you can create your own personal route.

    The add-on comes with Steam Station and Train Station models including bridges and landmarks from many of the Swiss stations.

    Read more about the add-on by visiting:

    For you perusal, we have assembled a couple of images gallery to whet your appetite.

    This is an exciting new development for Train Simulator users and can add a new dimension to the railway game. The add-on costs £9.99 / $14.99 / €12.99 and you can find out more at:

    Please visit: for information of the add-on and


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    The Chase

    The Chase is a first-person survival horror game designed from the ground up for the PC. Intended as a spiritual successor to the renowned Silent Hill franchise, The Chase will be a darker game with no combat or puzzles. It will only be about survival and discovery.
    After the terrible events of Silent Hill: Homecoming, the game will take place 20 years later at the legendary Briggs mansion.
    The game will be set in the Northern British countryside, where an invasion of unknown threats have struck, leaving several towns and villages in ruins. Players will be able to explore the mansion, its surrounding areas and use collected items and items they find to survive against the onslaught of enemies.

    Part of first-person survival horror subgenre; The Chase will combine investigation and exploration aspects, along with the unique survival elements, to create a new and terrifying experience for PC players.


    Despite it being an unfinished game, it has been received positively by critics and audiences, receiving a 9.3 score from Steam users. The game later won the ‘Best Debut Game’ award at the Independent Games Festival 2017.
    The independent games reviewer ‘MrWhale’ stated in his review of the game, “A complete trip down memory lane, The Chase will bring back all those memories, even if you’ve never played Silent Hill”.

    Related Projects

    RAM Studios was founded in 2011 and is based in London. Their first release was ‘The Chase’, a first-person survival horror game.

    The idea behind the game was actually inspired by the Silent Hill series, which had been a massive influence on Silent Hill: Homecoming. But the setting and design of the game was a different take on the series.

    They released a small teaser trailer on Twitter, and then the official launch trailer on YouTube.


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    Category:Video games developed in the United KingdomQ:

    React native is there a workaround for the Image component? and other components that have no such kind of property.

    What are the workaround for the Image component, Button component,TextInput or the ListView component. I’m sure there is some


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