term paperResearch the web and find an appropriate incident …

term paper Research the web and find an appropriate incident related to either a successful or failed penetration testing effort, or a successful or unsuccessful hacking attempt against an organization, business or government facility. Purchase the answer to view it Purchase the answer to view it


Penetration testing and hacking attempts have become increasingly prevalent in today’s digital landscape. Organizations, businesses, and government facilities are constantly targeted by hackers seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in their security systems. This term paper aims to research and analyze a real-life incident related to either a successful or failed penetration testing effort or a successful or unsuccessful hacking attempt against an organization, business, or government facility. By examining such an incident, it is possible to gain valuable insights into the methods employed by hackers, the vulnerabilities they target, and the potential consequences for the targeted entities.

Incident Description: [Placeholder Title]
The incident chosen for this term paper is the highly publicized hacking attempt on Equifax, a major consumer credit reporting agency. In 2017, Equifax fell victim to a successful hacking attempt, resulting in one of the largest data breaches in history. The breach exposed sensitive personal information, including social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and credit card details of approximately 147 million individuals.

Hackers exploited a vulnerability in Equifax’s web application software, specifically targeting the Apache Struts framework. The attackers gained unauthorized access to the Equifax servers, allowing them to exfiltrate vast amounts of sensitive data over a period of several months before the breach was discovered.

To carry out the attack, the hackers leveraged a vulnerability in Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638, a flaw that allowed remote code execution on vulnerable servers. This vulnerability, which had already been patched by Apache, was exploited by the attackers to gain unauthorized access to Equifax’s servers.

Upon gaining access, the hackers employed various techniques to maintain their presence and exfiltrate data undetected. They utilized encrypted communication channels, obfuscated their tools and activities, and used different compromised endpoints to avoid detection by Equifax’s security systems.

Consequences and Impact:
The Equifax data breach had significant repercussions for both the affected individuals and the company itself. The stolen personal information exposed millions of people to potential identity theft, financial fraud, and other malicious activities. Many victims experienced serious financial and emotional distress as a result of the breach.

Equifax faced severe criticism for its handling of the incident, particularly regarding its delayed response in notifying customers and implementing necessary security measures. The company’s reputation suffered a substantial blow, leading to class-action lawsuits, regulatory investigations, and financial penalties.

The Equifax data breach serves as a glaring example of a successful hacking attempt and the devastating consequences it can have on affected individuals and organizations. The incident highlights the importance of robust security measures, timely vulnerability patching, and proactive detection and response mechanisms in defending against sophisticated cyber threats. By studying such incidents, organizations can learn from the mistakes of others and enhance their cybersecurity posture accordingly.

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