January 6, 2020
Instructions: You have been asked to design a short telephone survey to find out the demographic characteristics of people in the catchment of a local community health service,
January 6, 2020


TH REVIEW FOR TECHNI You have 4 fluid ounces of 10% aluminum acetate solution available in your pharmacy as a stock solution. (a) How many milliliters of a 1:100 solution of aluminum acetate can be prepared from the volume you have on hand? 18 (b) Approximately how much water would you add to the stock solution to prepare the dilution in item (a)? 13. How many milliliters of a 17% benzalkonium chloride stock solution are needed to prepare a liter of a 1:200 solution of benzalkonium chloride? 14. How many milligrams of benzalkonium chloride are in a fluid ounce of the dilution prepared in Question 13? 15. What is the percent strength of a stock solution if you took 10 mL of the stock solution, diluted it to a liter with water, and had a final dilution strength of 0.5%? WCALICE 16. How many grams of the chemical would be in a pint bottle of the stock solu tion in Question 15? 17. You have a 4-ounce tube of a 5% sulfur ointment available. If you were to take 1 ounce of the sulfur ointment and add 4 ounces of white petrolatum (09%) (a) What would be the percent strength of your new diluted ointment?


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