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The ‘fountain of youth’

  1. The ‘fountain of youth’
  2. The ‘fountain of youth’ Get help at
  3. The ‘fountain of youth’ has been a mystery for many centuries. People used believe if they drank water from the fountain, the aging process would stop. Ponce de Leon was said to be searching for the fountain when he traveled to what is now Florida in the 16th century. Today, the fountain is associated with Florida in St. Augustine. Chase, a history student, maintains that the fountain of youth is not a place or a particular thing, but rather is a combination of diet and lifestyle. How can Chase justify this claim? Get help at
  1. Marie M. is interested in helping the elderly and works as a volunteer at a local retirement home. She has noticed that a number of the residents have decreased appetites and diminished senses of taste and smell. Also, depression seems to be common among the residents. How can Marie explain these observations? The ‘fountain of youth’
  2. Mildred is a 75-year-old retired school teacher who lives in on the gulf coast of Florida. About a year ago, Mildred lost her husband of fifty years. Mildred has three children, two of whom live out of state. Her youngest daughter, Charlene, lives about an hour away. Mildred has been retired for nine years. The ‘fountain of youth’
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