This is for people who know how to do word, excel, access, e…

This is for people who know how to do word, excel, access, etc. If you do not know please do not wast my time. It should be fairly easy to do if you know how and can be completed in hours. do 7-2,8-4, 9-3, and 9-4.


Assignment: Physical Database Design


In the field of database management, physical database design plays a crucial role in optimizing the performance and efficiency of database systems. It involves making strategic decisions regarding storage structures, indexing techniques, and other physical aspects of the database.


The objective of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of physical database design principles and techniques. Specifically, you will be tasked with designing the physical aspects of a database for a given scenario.


For this assignment, you will focus on designing the physical aspects of a database for a fictional company called XYZ Corporation. XYZ Corporation is a multinational company with various departments and employees. The schema for the database has been provided to you, and your task is to design the physical layout of the database based on the following requirements:

1. Storage Structures:
– Determine appropriate storage structures for each data entity in the schema.
– Justify your choices by considering factors such as disk space utilization, access patterns, and performance.

2. Indexing:
– Identify key attributes that should be indexed to enhance query performance.
– Choose appropriate indexing techniques (e.g., B-trees, hash indexes) for each index.
– Explain why you selected specific indexing techniques for each case.

3. Data Partitioning:
– Determine if data partitioning is necessary for any tables in the schema.
– Justify your decision by considering factors such as data volume, distribution, and access patterns.

4. Denormalization:
– Identify any denormalization opportunities in the schema.
– Explain why denormalization would be beneficial and provide an example of a denormalized table.


To complete this assignment, you are required to submit the following deliverables:

1. Physical Database Design Document:
– Prepare a document that outlines your design decisions and justifications.
– Include a logical diagram of the database schema with annotations indicating storage structures, indexes, and partitions.

2. SQL Scripts:
– Provide a set of SQL scripts that create the tables, indexes, and partitions based on your design.

Please note that this assignment assumes extensive prior knowledge in database management and assumes proficiency in using software tools such as Word, Excel, Access, etc. It is expected to be completed within hours by individuals who are already familiar with the concepts and techniques of physical database design.

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