Topic: Ted talk with Bill Davenhall Type of paper: Book/movie review Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing Format or citation style: APA follow the link to watch the

Topic: Ted talk with Bill Davenhall Type of paper: Book/movie review Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing Format or citation style: APA follow the link to watch the Ted talk with Bill Davenhall about place histories. is a place history? Once you watch his talk, you will have a better idea of what that means! For this third post, you are discussing the interesting idea of place history. In your discussion, these are some things to consider (although they are neither exhaustive nor exclusive): Explore your place history. Where have you spent most of your time in life? Where do you plan on spending the next part of your life? How important are environmental influences on your choices? types of industries are/were there, or the types of natural spaces, or the overall human structure of the space? is the overall landscape: urban, suburban, rural? Does that matter? Why? health trends are you aware of in the places that you have spent your time? Do your research! There is data available that shows health trends of cities / regions. Cite these sources. exposures from your environment might put you at risk for future health problems? Be specific and support with references from academic research studies showing links between exposures and health conditions! How do these health trends relate to the industries/landscape of the region? Or don’t they correlate? Do your research! exposures from these industries / landscapes place you at higher risk, or don’t they? Do you want your place movements known? Why or why not?  If you are not comfortable with live tracking, what about just keeping a record and reporting it to your physician at your regular check-ups? (Remember, Davenhall’s friend was tracked and then recorded. That is already happening with each of us who owns a smart phone- are you comfortable with that type of information being known about you? Why or why not?) Respond to the quote by Jack Lord, MD: “Geography is destiny in medicine.” Discuss your opinions about whether you agree or disagree with Mr. Davenhall’s suggestion that medical histories should include a patients’ place history; does it matter for your health? Why or why not? I am looking for an organized response with correct grammar, complete and varied sentence structure (compound/complex and simple sentences), sophisticated vocabulary and clear articulation of your ideas. Give support through journals, articles (peer reviewed), books, etc. You MUST have support that is cited in APA format. Be a critical thinker! INSTRUCTIONS Initial Essay / Posting Do not begin your essay reiterating what the assignment is. Just engage the reader from the get-go, insinuate what is to come within the essay, then smoothly transition into the body of the essay. In your essay you must provide support for your statements.  Your post must show evidence of critical thinking and have support for all claims. Sources/references must be cited in-text and in a reference list, both according to APA style. Refer to the links in the left-hand column of the Blackboard page for guidance on how to properly format citations. You must uses source(s) other than the TED Talk video. If you do reference this video or Mr. Davenhall, you must cite it! Do not assume the reader knows the background for the assignment. Write this essay as a “stand-alone” essay, that is, an essay that if you gave to your grandmother to read she would understand everything about it without knowing anything about this course or the assignment. Provide enough background information as needed with appropriate citation of the original article/video.

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