Treat the case as an unfolding, real-life situation


(Due Date: Mar 15,2019. 9:00am Pacific Time)

Format: 1″ margins, 11 pt. Times New Roman, left justified. Write in third person, no bullet points. Treat the case as an unfolding, real-life situation (happening now). Avoid references to yourself or to writing an analysis.

Please keep it to one full page and break it up using the following headings:

Problem and Strategic Issues: This section serves as a problem statement and should be a brief paragraph that describes and explains the problem, significance of why the problem should be addressed. Make sure this is clear and concise.

Evaluation & Analysis: Breakdown specific issues; explain the dilemma and the likely consequences, significance, or implications of the problem(s) you have identified. Explain why it matters and discuss the circumstances that may affect decisions. What are/should be the long- and short-term goals and strategies? Note: Analysis means evaluating and explaining what a piece of information means, putting it in perspective, creating meaningful connections and drawing reasonable conclusions based on facts.

Alternatives: Present recommendations/options with specific pros and cons of each. Each alternative must be logical, ethical, and economically feasible – sound business. 

Solution: Defend your best solution from amongst the alternatives you presented. Specify how it will fix the problem.

Plan of Action: Explain how you will implement this solution. What are the steps involved? 

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