ublic health functions and the impact of these resources on population health and the public health system" (p. 181).


ublic health functions and the impact of these resources on population health and the public health system” (p. 181). Thus, the skillset involved in obtaining funds (acquisition) is absolutely critical to public health leadership. Obtaining funds without the context around what funds are needed, why, and how funding will address specific community health problems is a hollow task, however. Public health leaders need to be well versed in budgeting, applying strategies for funding, and analyzing variations in public health funding. Fortunately, tools exist that aid in the process of determining funding and devising strategies for funding For this week’s Assignment, review the budget worksheet provided in the Weekly Resources. In addition, in the media titled “Public Health Finance”, reflect on the insights a finance director from the Howard County Health Department provides regarding challenges and strategies related to funding programs With the budget worksheet in mind, review the Learning Resources. Research other resources providing information funding public health initiatives. Access the national websites to search for funding for public health and other on initiatives: Explore your state, local, and regional health-related funding organizations’ websites. Research these organizations’ targeted grant opportunities. The Assignment: By Day 7, submit a 4-6 page paper, plus the budget worksheet appendix, to include the following sections Explain the basic principles and tools of budget and resource management Describe two specific examples of principles and/or tools that relate to your selected public health project. You must Support whyvou are using these tools and nrincinles and describe how they will be used to address vour selected

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