Understanding terroism week 6 assignment

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Objectives, Methods, and Targets of Terrorism

This essay completes your work that you began in Weeks 1 and 2!

1.  First, make sure that you have revised your Week 2 Paper based on the feedback received from your instructor.

2.  Once again, you will research and write about a final piece of your Terrorist Assessment: Goals, Targets, Methods, and Tactics of your particular Group/Individual. Again, to earn full credit, you must tie you research in with the Theories that you learn from your textbook in for Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6!

This will adds to the body of your Paper, between 2-3 pages.

1.  Introduction (from Week 2 Paper, now edited/revised)

2.  Body

a.  Origins and notoriety (from Paper One, now edited/revised)

b.  Primary causes of grievances and motivations to engage in terror (from Week 2 Paper, now edited/revised)

c.  Theory of Terrorism that best explains this group/individual (from Week 2 Paper, now edited/revised)

d.  Targets, Methods, Tactics used by the group/individual (New Research!)

e.  Assessment of Group/Individual. What are some recommended approaches to prevent or combat this group/individual (New Research)

3.  Overall Conclusion (from Week 2 Paper, now edited/revised)