Unit 5 accident investigation quiz


Question 1 

What is the first step in barrier analysis?


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Identify the hazard and the target.


Identify barriers that failed.


Identify the significant events.


Identify the barriers not used.

Question 2 

Which type of barrier analysis works best for accident investigations?


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Energy trace and barrier analysis (ETBA)


Barrier and control analysis (BCA)


Job safety analysis


Hazard-barrier-target (HBT) analysis

Question 3 

Which of the following is an example of a soft barrier?


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Respiratory protection


Welding apron


Standard operating procedure


Pressure release valve

Question 4 

Change analysis is most useful for which type of accident?


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Accidents involving routine tasks


Accidents involving fatalities


Complex accidents


Property damage accidents

Question 5 

What are the two products of barrier analysis?


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Hazards and targets


Targets and barriers


Chart and analysis worksheet


Worksheet and report

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