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August 16, 2019
 identify one idea advanced by that learner that strikes you as particularly useful, and describe how you might use it. What questions or suggestions can you offer each
August 16, 2019

Use of Force

Use of Force


Abusive and/or excessive use of force by law enforcement has been the subject of several high-profile cases in recent years. The ability of individuals to record events as they transpire and disseminate the video over the Internet make law enforcement officers more accountable in their encounters with the public.

In your post, select a recent case where law enforcement was accused of an excessive use of force. Provide a brief description of the case that highlights the excessive use of force that occurred. Next, identify guidelines that would have assisted officers in dealing with the situation in such a way that an excessive use of force would not have been required. When developing your guidelines, be sure to consider the need to avoid impeding officer discretion anymore than necessary.

Assignment Instructions:

1) Based on research, and
2) Using professional, scholarly sources, and
3) Submitted in APA 6th ed style, and
4) A minimum of 350 words, excluding the references list


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