Using the school library, other credible sources and proper…

Using the school library, other credible sources and proper APA formatting write 4-6 pages on the following as they relate to physical security. What is minimum security? What is low level security? What is medium security? What is high level security? What is maximum security?


Minimum security refers to the lowest level of security measures implemented to protect a certain asset or facility. In the context of physical security, minimum security involves the use of basic security measures to deter unauthorized access and minimize potential threats. This level of security typically involves basic physical barriers such as fences, locks, and basic access control systems. It aims to provide a minimal level of protection without extensive resources or costs.

Low level security, on the other hand, implies a slightly higher level of protection than minimum security. It typically includes additional security measures such as security personnel, surveillance cameras, and more advanced access control systems. These measures are designed to enhance the overall security posture of a facility or asset by increasing the deterrence factor and improving the capability to detect and respond to potential threats.

Moving up the hierarchy, medium security represents a moderate level of security measures. It involves a well-rounded combination of physical barriers, technological systems, and trained security personnel. The aim here is to strike a balance between security effectiveness and resource allocation. Medium security measures may include reinforced fences, electronic access control systems, security alarms, and a security response team.

High-level security is characterized by a heightened level of security measures and advanced technologies. It is typically employed in critical infrastructure, government facilities, or high-value assets that require a more robust security posture. Examples of high-level security measures include biometric access control systems, intruder detection systems, video analytics, and integration with other security systems for comprehensive threat assessment and response.

At the top of the hierarchy lies maximum security, the highest level of security measures applied to the most sensitive and high-risk assets or facilities. This level of security incorporates extensive security measures to deter and defend against sophisticated threats. It may involve a combination of physical barriers, advanced surveillance systems, armed security personnel, intrusion detection systems, secure vaults, and secure perimeters. Maximum security is designed to provide the utmost protection against potential threats, including terrorist attacks or large-scale breaches.

It is important to note that the classification of security levels may vary depending on the context and industry. The definitions provided here present a general understanding of the different security levels in the realm of physical security. In practice, specific organizations or facilities may have their own unique criteria and requirements for defining the various security levels based on their risk assessments and industry-specific guidelines.

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