various theories and theorists

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March 30, 2019
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March 30, 2019

various theories and theorists

Research Paper

Paper needs to be over Erikson

As this course ends, reflect on the various theories and theorists discussed during the class and in the textbook. Select one theorist whose life work really resonates with you. Conduct additional research on this person, summarize your findings, and address the following:

A biography of the theorist (2-3 pages): The biography portion of the paper should be relevant to the purpose of the paper.

A detailed explanation of what you feel are the most important contributions of the theorist’s work

A critique of the theorist’s theory from yourself, industry professionals, and scholarly journals

A personal response to the theory: How does this relate to you in your everyday life and to your future career?

This is a formal paper, in APA format, (not a list of responses or bullet points)..

Write a 3500-4200 word (or 10- to 12-page) paper (excluding the title page, reference list, and appendices).

Use five or more scholarly articles or books (other than the textbook).

The paper must reflect the use of course content and critical thinking.


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