Video assignment | Sociology homework help

The assignment is for you to reflect on a video from one of the cultural regions of the world. Follow the instructions below for the video reflections assignment.


1. View one video on YouTube or another online video source on any topic relevant to this course from Africa or Asia or Latin America or the Middle East.

2. Write a one-page (one full page) reflections (your own thoughts, views, feelings, opinions, etc.) on the content of the video.

3. Use the following format for the video reflections/include the following information in the reflections:

                 *Title of the video

                 * Producer of the video

                 * Part of the world where the video is set (Africa, or Asia, or Latin America, or the Middle East)

                * Topic in our course textbook that the video is relevant to and

                 * Your personal reflections on the content of the video, written in your own words and with examples from the content of the video.