Which signs and symptoms should the nurse assess in any client who has a long term valvular heart disease?

41.Which signs and symptoms should the nurse assess in any client who has a long term valvular heart disease? Select all that apply. A. Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea B. Orthopnea C. Cough D. Pericardial friction rub E. Pulsusparadous

42. The client is in ventricular fibrillation. Which interventions should the nurse implement? Select all that apply. A. Start cardiopulmonary resuscitation B. Prepare to administer the antidyrhtymic adenosine IVP C. Prepare to defibrillate the client D. Bring the crash cart to the bedside E. Prepare to administer the antidysrhythmicamiodacrone IVP

43. The health care provider orders a medication in a dose that us considered toxic. The nurse administers the medication to the client, who later suffers cardiac arrest and dies. What consequence can the nurse expect from this situation? Select all that apply. A. The health care provider can be charged with negligence, being the person who ordered the dose B. As the employing agency, only the hospital can be charged with negligence C. The nurse and physician may be terminated from employment to prevent a charge of negligence to the hospital; D. Negligence will not be charged, as this event could happen to any reasonable person E. The nurse can be charged with negligence for administering the toxic dose

45. Which action would the nurse take to maintain medical asepsis when caring for a client with diabetes mellitus on the medical nursing unit who requires irrigation of a leg ulcer and insulin injections? Select all that apply. A. Wash hands before and after client care. B. Wear personal protective equipment during the dressing change C. Recap a needle after administering insulin D. Change the dressing for a diabetic ulcer using sterile globes E. Wipe the rubber stopper on the insulin vial before withdrawing dose

46. Following a liver transplant the client is taking prednisone and other medications to prevent organ rejection. The nurse should instruct the client to make priority to report which manifestation to the heath care provider? A. Moon face B. Diminished pigmentation C. Dysphasia D. bleeding

47. Kevin is a member of the Nursing Research Council of the hospital. His first assignment is to determine the level of patient satisfaction on the care they received from the hospital. He plans to include all adult patients admitted from April to May, with average length of stay of 3-4 days, first admission, and with no complications. Which of the following is an extraneous variable of the study? A. Date of admission B. Length of stay C. Age of patients D. Absence of complications

48. He thinks of an appropriate theoretical framework. Whose theory addresses the four modes of adaptation? A. Martha Rogers B. Sr. Callista Roy C. Florence Nightingale D. Jean Watson

49. He opts to use a self-report method. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about this method? A. Most direct means of gathering information B. Versatile in terms of content coverage C. Most accurate and valid method of data gathering D. Yields information that would be difficult to gather by anther method

50. Which of the following articles would Kevin least consider for his review of literature? A. “Story-Telling and Anxiety Reduction Among Pediatric Patients.” B. “Turnaround Time in Emergency Rooms.” C. “Outcome Standards in Tertiary Health care Institutions.”

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