>Worksheet 11-3: Diet and Disease Crossword Puzzle 2 4 5 6 10 12 13 Across Down 3


>Worksheet 11-3: Diet and Disease Crossword Puzzle 2 4 5 6 10 12 13 Across Down 3. the volume of blood discharged by the heart cach minute 1. tiny cell-like fragments in the blood, important in blood clot formation 2. large scavenger cells of the immune system that engulf debris and remove it 4 the ballooning out of an artery wall at a point that is weakened by deterioration 5. a cancer-causing substance 6. factors that do not initiate cancer but speed up its development once initiation has taken place 7. higher than normal blood pressure 8. type of vegetables with cross-shaped blossoms whose intake is associated with a stationary blood clot 11. the drop in cancer incidence seen whenever intake of food energy is restricted 9 12. the sudden shutting off of the blood flow to the brain by a thrombus, embolism, or the bursting ofa vessel 13. the large, primary artery that conducts blood from the heart to the body’s smaller arteries 14. a traveling blood clot that causes sudden closure of a blood vessel ow cancer rates in human populations 10. mounds of lipid material mixed with smooth muscle cells and calcium that develop in the artery walls in atherosclerosis

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