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X + ackboard.com/webapps/assessment/take/launch.jsp?course_assessment_id=_1038117_1&course_id–72796 1&co. aiPLnawnsaLDUP DAAPS agupuaussasse.SLLLIOidun estion Completion Status: QUESTION 1 expenditures Factors accounting for the health sector’s increasing share of the nation’s GNP can best be seen in Match the following expenditure type with the correct description D. Excludes Medicaid SCHIP expansion and sCHIP A. Hospital Includes all expenditures for specified health services and supplies other than expenses for program administration, net cost of private heabh insurance, and government public health activities. B. All personal C. Government Includes expenditures for hospital-based nursing home care and home health agency care. D. Medicaid Includes other government expenditures for these healthcare services, for example Medicaid SCHIP expansion, care funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and state and locally financed subsidies to hospitals Click Save and Submit to sae and submit. Click Suve All Anscers to sae all ansuers.

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