response to Karen Matthew week 11

response to Karen Matthew week 11
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Karen Matthew
Mar 20, 2024Mar 20 at 3:19pm
Hello colleagues:

I am always fascinated by the idea of multidisciplinary clinics. One of my better work experiences was working with such a team and gaining an appreciation for the contribution that all these members bring to the table. This has proven difficult to initiate and maintain in the acute care environment, in my experience. While still very early, I was happy to learn that efforts are underway to try to pilot a way to make this happen at a facility that I am associated with. I look forward to learning about the process, successes, and challenges.

Regarding the project, the struggle I face currently is more of a personal one than with the project per se. The challenges continue with project implementation but I have grown to accept or manage these as appropriate. The main issue that I am currently faced with is my own fatigue. I’m currently taking two classes, each of which has a 150-hour clinical requirement. This, in addition to my job and personal responsibilities, has left me frequently exhausted. I try to stay motivated by frequently reflecting on the end goal. I wonder if anyone else is having this issue. Looking to the future of the project, my current concern is that the questionnaires are being completed appropriately. While there are some measures in place to facilitate this, this process has taught me that there are always ways unforeseen hurdles. I am hopeful that as we go into the analysis part of this project, these findings remain minimal. Continued best wishes to all of you.

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Karen Matthew
Mar 12, 2024Mar 12 at 10:39pm
Hello colleagues:

I am learning very quickly that my hopes for the number of participants were overly optimistic. With a population of about 150 patients, I was hopeful that I could have significant participation in the project. So far, I have recruited about 20 participants, and of these, around 9 have completed the questionnaires. This was a bit disappointing for me. The benefit of an electronic questionnaire is that potential participants do not have to be delayed at appointments to complete participation. On the other hand, potential participants may forget or procrastinate with completing their participation once they have left the office. Other contributing factors include that office hours are only once weekly and that other patients besides those meeting the inclusion criteria are also seen at this office. I am hopeful that with another visit or two, I can at least get into the double digits with participation. This has been quite the process and I look forward to the analysis of my findings. I trust that your projects continue to progress as desired, and I look forward to learning more about them.

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Tyler Smith
Mar 27, 2024Mar 27 at 7:59pm
Hello class,

After much effort put into my Redcap survey and a lot of trial and error, with the help of Dr. Brown we were finally able to complete it and submit my IRB. Once approval is obtained, Gathering participants for the survey will hopefully be easy as most patients at the office are highly engaged in their healthcare knowledge. I know this is not true of all offices but a lot of time is spent educating patients in the office. I know a few of my classmates have had issues finding and gathering enough participants for their project so I hope this is not the case with my participant pool at the office. I hope everyone else is making good headway on their projects and their participants are active and engaged.

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