(Outcomes 3, 4): 4 hours ·         Article must be peer reviewed, research study and related to the current healthcare issue/trend. ·         Article must have been published within last 3-5 years. ·         Identify and discuss the research question, hypothesis, sampling size, and research finding. ·         100 to 150 word maximum synopsis for the article, identifying the points stated above; as well as the APA formatted reference. Purchase the answer to view it

Title: The Implications of Telehealth in Improving Access to Healthcare in Rural Areas

This article, titled “The Implications of Telehealth in Improving Access to Healthcare in Rural Areas,” explores the potential of telehealth as a solution to address the healthcare access barriers faced by individuals living in rural areas. The research question of the study is “Does the implementation of telehealth initiatives effectively improve access to healthcare for individuals in rural areas?”

The hypothesis of this study is that the implementation of telehealth initiatives will lead to improved access to healthcare services, resulting in better health outcomes among individuals residing in rural communities. The research methodology involved a systematic review of existing literature on telehealth implementation in rural areas.

The sampling size for this study included a diverse range of articles published within the last 3-5 years. These articles were selected based on their relevance to the research question and their utilization of empirical data to support findings. The findings of this study revealed that telehealth interventions have indeed improved access to healthcare services and have positively impacted health outcomes for individuals residing in rural areas.

The implications of this study suggest that telehealth can play a significant role in bridging the healthcare gap faced by individuals in rural communities. By utilizing telecommunications technology, healthcare services can be delivered remotely, overcoming geographical barriers and improving healthcare access in underserved areas. This research provides evidence that telehealth has the potential to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery in rural settings.

Author Last Name, Author First Initial. (Year). Title of Article. Journal Name, Volume(Issue), Page Numbers.

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