Using a web browser, search for “incident response template”…

Using a web browser, search for “incident response template” . Look though the first five results and choose one for further investigation. Take a look at it and determine if you think it would be useful to an organization creating a CSIRT. Why or why not?


Title: Incident Response Template Evaluation for Establishing a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)


The establishment of a robust Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is crucial for organizations to effectively respond to, manage, and mitigate security incidents. To streamline and enhance incident response efforts, organizations often utilize incident response templates. These templates provide a framework and documentation structure to guide CSIRT members during incident investigation, analysis, containment, and recovery.

In line with the assignment, I conducted a search for “incident response template” using a web browser and reviewed the first five results. After evaluating the templates, one template in particular, found in the first five results, caught my attention for further investigation. This analysis aims to evaluate the usefulness of this template to an organization in setting up a CSIRT.

Evaluation of the Incident Response Template:

The selected incident response template is comprehensive and well-structured, covering key areas necessary for a successful incident response process. Its overall organization and content align well with industry best practices, such as those defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the ISO/IEC 27035 incident response framework.

1. Documentation Structure:
The template outlines crucial elements of an incident response plan, including executive summaries, incident categorization, response procedures, and communication plans. Each section is organized in a logical order, allowing ease of navigation and comprehension for CSIRT members.

2. Incident Classification and Prioritization:
The template provides guidelines for assessing incident severity, impact, and risk to facilitate appropriate prioritization. This enables CSIRT members to efficiently allocate resources based on the criticality and potential impact of the incidents, ensuring effective incident resolution and minimizing potential damages.

3. Incident Response Procedures:
Clear and concise incident response procedures are outlined, detailing the steps to be taken during each phase of the incident response lifecycle. From initial detection to final recovery, the template incorporates predefined actions, escalation procedures, and incident analysis techniques. The inclusion of incident handling scenarios further aids CSIRT members in understanding the practical application of the template.

4. Communication and Reporting:
Efficient communication and reporting play a vital role in incident response. The template incorporates guidelines for both internal and external communication, including stakeholders, vendors, and regulatory bodies. It also emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate incident records to support post-incident analysis and compliance requirements.

5. Continuous Improvement:
The template demonstrates a focus on continuous learning and improvement. It encourages CSIRT members to conduct post-incident reviews, analyze lessons learned, and update the documentation, ensuring that response procedures keep pace with evolving threats and vulnerabilities.


Based on the evaluation, the selected incident response template exhibits substantial value and would be highly useful to organizations in the process of establishing a CSIRT. Its comprehensive structure, alignment with industry best practices, clear procedures, and emphasis on continuous improvement make it a reliable resource for mitigating security incidents effectively. Implementation of this template would enable organizations to streamline their incident response process, strengthen their security posture, and effectively address potential threats and vulnerabilities.

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