1. What are you beliefs about the major concepts in nursing; person, environment, health, nursing? I am looking personal opinion I do not want book definitions. 2. Discuss the characteristics of Realism and Idealism and give one example of where do you see yourself on the continuum of realism and idealism 3. Define and differentiate between values and beliefs.

1. As a highly knowledgeable student in nursing, I hold a strong understanding and perspective on the major concepts in nursing, including person, environment, health, and nursing. These concepts form the foundation of nursing theory and guide the practice of nursing professionals.

In my belief, the concept of person in nursing encompasses the individual receiving care. It recognizes the uniqueness of each person and emphasizes the need for holistic care, addressing not only physical needs but also emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of well-being. I see individuals as active participants in their own health and wellness, capable of making decisions and driving their own care.

When it comes to the concept of environment, I believe it refers to the external factors that influence a person’s health and well-being. These factors can include social, economic, cultural, and physical aspects of the person’s surroundings, as well as the broader societal and global context. Nursing plays a crucial role in assessing and addressing environmental factors that may impact a person’s health, promoting a safe and conducive environment for healing and recovery.

The concept of health, in my opinion, extends beyond the absence of illness. It encompasses a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Health is dynamic and individualized, influenced by various factors such as genetics, lifestyle choices, and access to healthcare. As a nursing student, I recognize the importance of promoting health, preventing illness, and supporting individuals in their journey towards optimal well-being.

Finally, the concept of nursing itself is central to the field. Nursing involves the care, support, and advocacy for individuals, families, and communities to promote and maintain health, prevent illness, and restore wellness. Nursing is both a science and an art, incorporating evidence-based practices and skills alongside compassion, empathy, and therapeutic communication. Nurses play a vital role in healthcare delivery, collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to provide holistic care to individuals across the lifespan.

2. Realism and idealism are philosophical perspectives that offer different ways of understanding and interpreting the world. Realism posits that reality exists objectively and independently from our perception of it. It emphasizes the importance of empirical evidence and scientific inquiry to gain knowledge about the world. Idealism, on the other hand, suggests that reality is shaped by our perceptions and ideas. It focuses on the power of the mind and the influence of subjective experiences in constructing our understanding of the world.

Personally, I see myself leaning more towards realism on the continuum of realism and idealism. I value the importance of empirical evidence and scientific research as crucial sources of knowledge. As a nursing student, I recognize the significance of evidence-based practice in guiding clinical decision-making and improving patient outcomes. Realism aligns with my belief that objective truths can be discovered through rigorous scientific investigation, helping us understand the complexities of health and healthcare.

However, I also acknowledge the importance of subjective experiences and individual perspectives in nursing. The art of nursing involves interacting with patients, understanding their unique stories, and considering their preferences when providing care. This humanistic aspect of nursing acknowledges the influence of individual perceptions and values and emphasizes the importance of building therapeutic relationships with patients.

3. Values and beliefs are closely intertwined but have distinct meanings in the context of nursing. Values are deeply held principles or ideals that guide our actions, choices, and behavior. They are deeply ingrained and often acquired through cultural, societal, or personal experiences. Values serve as moral compasses, influencing the way we prioritize and make decisions.

Beliefs, on the other hand, are individual or collective acceptance of something as true or real. They are formed through a combination of personal experiences, knowledge, and exposure. Beliefs can be influenced by cultural, religious, or philosophical perspectives and shape our attitudes and perceptions.

In nursing, values guide ethical decision-making and professional conduct. Nurses uphold values such as compassion, integrity, respect, and autonomy in their interactions with patients and colleagues. These values form the foundation of nursing practice and are essential in establishing trust, promoting patient-centered care, and upholding professional standards.

Beliefs in nursing may encompass various aspects, including beliefs about health and wellness, the role of the nurse, or the effectiveness of specific interventions. Beliefs influence how nurses approach their practice and may contribute to differences in care delivery and decision-making. It is important for nurses to critically examine their beliefs and consider evidence-based practices to ensure the provision of safe and effective care.

In conclusion, as a well-informed nursing student, I hold the belief that the major concepts in nursing, including person, environment, health, and nursing, are integral to the holistic care of individuals. I align more with realism on the continuum of realism and idealism, recognizing the importance of empirical evidence and scientific inquiry in nursing practice. Furthermore, I understand that values are guiding principles, while beliefs are individual or collective acceptance of something as true or real, both of which play key roles in shaping the ethical and professional conduct of nurses.

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