A APA style paper on . Must have a . Must be typed and double spaced. The main body of the paper must be a 4 pages in length. The peer review articles that are using must be attached to the paper as an appendix. And provide a reference page. Please upload the link for the article so that I can print it out. Please do not use

Title: Analysis of Contemporary Issues in [Subject]


[Subject] is a complex field that encompasses various contemporary issues. This paper aims to explore and analyze these issues using reliable peer-reviewed articles as sources. By critically examining these articles, this study seeks to contribute to the existing body of knowledge and enhance understanding of the discussed topics. The primary objective of this analysis is to provide an in-depth examination of the complexities surrounding [Subject], shedding light on key concepts, theories, and debates within the field.

Contemporary Issue 1: [Issue]

[Issue] is a significant concern within the domain of [Subject]. It has garnered substantial attention due to its implications for various stakeholders and society as a whole. According to Article 1, titled [Title of the Article], written by [Author(s)], the issue of [Issue] has gained prominence in recent years. The article highlights the key factors contributing to this issue, such as [Factor 1] and [Factor 2]. Furthermore, it explores the consequences and potential solutions to address this pressing concern.

The findings of Article 1 suggest that [Issue] has profound implications for [Stakeholder 1], [Stakeholder 2], and [Stakeholder 3]. This finding aligns with Article 2, titled [Title of the Article], authored by [Author(s)]. Article 2 also emphasizes the significance of [Issue] and delves into its potential economic, social, and environmental ramifications. Additionally, it proposes several strategies to mitigate the adverse effects of [Issue] and promote sustainable development within the [Subject] context.

Contemporary Issue 2: [Issue]

Apart from [Issue], there is another crucial contemporary issue within the field of [Subject] that captures attention and warrants extensive analysis. Article 3, titled [Title of the Article], written by [Author(s)], provides a comprehensive overview of the issue of [Issue]. This article explores the causes and consequences of [Issue] and aims to propose effective solutions to address its implications.

The examination of Article 3 reveals that [Issue] has multifaceted dimensions, affecting [Stakeholder 1], [Stakeholder 2], and [Stakeholder 3]. The author(s) argue that understanding the nuanced complexities of [Issue] is vital for developing comprehensive policies and strategies to tackle this challenge effectively. Furthermore, Article 4, titled [Title of the Article], authored by [Author(s)], expands on the issue of [Issue] and emphasizes the need for a holistic approach to problem-solving, taking into account the diverse perspectives and interests of stakeholders involved.

Key Concepts and Theories

In addition to analyzing the contemporary issues within [Subject], this paper also explores key concepts and theories that inform the understanding and analysis of these issues. One such concept is [Concept 1], which is fundamental to comprehending the underlying dynamics of [Issue]. According to Article 5, titled [Title of the Article], written by [Author(s)], [Concept 1] plays a crucial role in shaping the strategies adopted to address [Issue]. The article provides a comprehensive explanation of [Concept 1] and its implications in the context of [Subject].

Moreover, Article 6, titled [Title of the Article], authored by [Author(s)], introduces the concept of [Concept 2]. This concept focuses on understanding the broader societal implications of [Issue] and explores alternative frameworks and theoretical perspectives from which to analyze and comprehend [Issue]. The article further emphasizes the importance of integrating [Concept 2] into research and policymaking processes.


In conclusion, this paper underscores the significance of analyzing contemporary issues within the field of [Subject]. Through the examination of reliable peer-reviewed articles, the analysis provided an in-depth understanding of [Issue 1] and [Issue 2]. Additionally, the exploration of key concepts and theories, such as [Concept 1] and [Concept 2], enhanced the comprehension of the underlying dynamics of these issues. By critically scrutinizing and synthesizing existing knowledge, this study contributes to the field of [Subject] and provides insights for future research and policymaking efforts.

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