A. Please do an internet search and find out the results of…

A. Please do an internet search and find out the results of the Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case that the Craig discusses in the assigned text.  Write a commentary on your thoughts on the case.  Minimum 250 words Purchase the answer to view it


The case of Erin Andrews invasion of privacy garnered significant attention in both the media and legal spheres. It involved the violation of Andrews’ privacy rights through secret recording of her undressing in a hotel room, followed by the dissemination of the videos on the internet. The incident not only violated Andrews’ personal privacy but also served as a watershed moment for debates surrounding privacy laws and the responsibility of corporations in safeguarding individuals’ rights.

The court case, Andrews v. Barrett et al., unfolded in 2010 and concluded with a jury awarding Andrews $55 million in damages. The jury found that the hotel management and the man who filmed Andrews, Michael Barrett, were liable for her emotional distress and economic damages caused by the incident. Barrett had earlier pled guilty to criminal charges related to stalking and surreptitiously filming her.

The case raised several crucial issues regarding privacy rights, particularly in the age of technology. One key aspect was the question of hotel security and the responsibility of the establishment in ensuring guest privacy. The defense argued that the hotel bore no responsibility for Barrett’s actions, as he duped staff into revealing Andrews’ room number by impersonating her. However, the jury disagreed, deciding that the hotel had not taken adequate measures to protect her privacy by allowing Barrett to be assigned the room adjacent to Andrews’ without her knowledge.

This case also highlighted the significant role played by media corporations in disseminating private content. The videos of Andrews undressing in her hotel room went viral on the internet, causing immense distress to the victim. The jury held the defunct website operator, which Barrett contacted to upload and distribute the videos, liable for 51% of the damages. This decision signaled a recognition of the responsibility of media outlets in protecting individuals’ privacy rights, even when the content may have been obtained illegally.

Moreover, Andrews’ case shed light on the emotional and psychological impact of privacy violations. During the trial, Andrews testified about the severe distress she experienced as a result of the incident. This aspect further underscored the importance of recognizing the harm caused by invasions of privacy and providing appropriate remedies to victims.

In conclusion, the Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case served as a turning point in legal discussions concerning privacy rights and the responsibilities of corporations. The court’s decision to award significant damages to Andrews against both the hotel and the perpetrator highlighted the importance of safeguarding individuals’ privacy. This case also emphasized the role of media outlets in protecting privacy and respecting boundaries. Overall, the case acted as a catalyst for broader debates concerning privacy laws and the need for vigilance in the digital age.

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