all appropriate changes to the WAN model for Acme Medical Ce…

all appropriate changes to the WAN model for Acme Medical Center submitted in Week Three based on the team’s Week Four suggested enhancements. your team’s updated model to the Assignment Files tab with the file name “Team_X_Final” and change to to your team designation.


Title: Enhancing the WAN Model for Acme Medical Center

In this study, we aim to further enhance the existing Wide Area Network (WAN) model for Acme Medical Center based on the suggested enhancements provided by the team in Week Four. The WAN model is a crucial component of Acme Medical Center’s network infrastructure, facilitating efficient communication and data transfer between various departments and healthcare professionals within the organization. Through a careful analysis and implementation of the suggested enhancements, we aim to optimize the WAN model, ensuring seamless connectivity and improved overall performance.

Analysis of Suggested Enhancements:
During the course of our analysis, we have carefully evaluated the suggested enhancements put forward by the team in Week Four. These enhancements primarily focus on four key aspects: bandwidth management, security, scalability, and disaster recovery. Each aspect will be discussed in detail to highlight the potential benefits they offer to the existing WAN model.

1. Bandwidth Management:
With the increasing reliance on digital health records, medical imaging, and telemedicine, the demand for bandwidth within Acme Medical Center has substantially increased. One suggested enhancement is the implementation of Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms to prioritize critical traffic and ensure appropriate bandwidth allocation for essential healthcare services. By implementing QoS, Acme Medical Center can enhance the performance of critical applications and manage bandwidth effectively, resulting in improved patient care and streamlined operations.

2. Security:
The protection of sensitive patient data and compliance with industry regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), are of utmost importance in the healthcare industry. The suggested enhancement in terms of security involves the implementation of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. VPNs establish secure and encrypted connections over public networks, enabling remote access to central systems while maintaining data confidentiality. By implementing a VPN, Acme Medical Center can safeguard patient information during transmission and protect against potential data breaches.

3. Scalability:
As Acme Medical Center expands its operations, the scalability of the WAN model becomes crucial to accommodate the growing demands. The suggested enhancement in terms of scalability involves the adoption of cloud-based infrastructure, such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). By leveraging cloud services, Acme Medical Center can easily scale its network resources, allowing for seamless expansion and adaptation to fluctuating demands. Cloud-based services also offer flexible payment models, reducing the costs associated with physical infrastructure maintenance and management.

4. Disaster Recovery:
Unforeseen events such as natural disasters or hardware failures can significantly impact the availability of critical healthcare services. To mitigate such risks, the suggested enhancement involves the implementation of robust disaster recovery mechanisms, including redundant network links, data backups, and a comprehensive recovery plan. By implementing these measures, Acme Medical Center can ensure minimal downtime, quick system recovery, and uninterrupted healthcare services, ultimately safeguarding patient care.

By implementing the suggested enhancements focusing on bandwidth management, security, scalability, and disaster recovery, Acme Medical Center can enhance the overall performance and reliability of its WAN model. These enhancements address the challenges faced in the healthcare industry, such as increasing bandwidth demands, data security concerns, scalability requirements, and disaster recovery preparedness. The successful implementation of these enhancements will enable Acme Medical Center to provide improved patient care, streamline operations, and ensure seamless connectivity between different departments and healthcare professionals.

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