An area is calculated by multiplying the length by the width…

An area is calculated by multiplying the length by the width. The pseudocode program below should ask the user for the length and width of a rectangular room in order to calculate the area, and display the room’s area.  Will it do the job?


The given pseudocode program appears to be designed to calculate the area of a rectangular room based on the user’s input for the length and width of the room. However, without considering the actual pseudocode provided, it is difficult to determine if it will successfully accomplish this task. Therefore, in order to assess the functionality of the program, let us analyze the pseudocode step by step.

1. Start

2. Display “Please enter the length of the room: ”
3. Input length
4. Display “Please enter the width of the room: ”
5. Input width
6. Calculate area = length * width
7. Display “The area of the room is “, area

8. Stop

Based on this pseudocode, the program starts by asking the user to input the length of the room. It then proceeds to display a message requesting the user to input the width of the room. This is followed by the calculation of the area by multiplying the length and width. Finally, the program displays a message along with the calculated area of the room.

From a functional perspective, the pseudocode program seems to be logically correct and should perform the intended task of calculating and displaying the area of a rectangular room. The program includes the necessary steps to obtain the length and width from the user, perform the calculation, and display the result.

However, the pseudocode does not account for any error handling or validation checks. For example, it does not verify if the input values for the length and width are valid numerical values, nor does it check if the resulting area is within an acceptable range. Additionally, the program does not include any instructions for handling exceptional cases, such as when the user enters negative values or zero for length or width.

In order to make the program more robust and handle such scenarios, it would be beneficial to include error checks and validation steps. These checks could include verifying that the user inputs are numerical values and within a reasonable range for the length and width. Furthermore, the program could provide informative error messages to guide the user in case of invalid inputs.

In conclusion, while the provided pseudocode program seems to have the necessary steps to calculate and display the area of a rectangular room, it may lack certain error handling and validation checks. These additional steps would enhance the program’s functionality and provide a more robust experience for the user.

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