Attached mini case and answer the below questions In dis…

Attached mini case and answer the below questions In discussion with Josh, Tonya foreshadows “some serious obstacles to overcome.” Describe these obstacles in detail. How can Josh win support for his team’s three-point plan to use technology to help IFG reach its customers? Instructions


The obstacles that Tonya foreshadows for Josh’s team are likely to be rooted in the organizational culture and resistance to change within IFG. It is important to examine these obstacles in detail to understand their implications and to develop effective strategies to overcome them. Several potential obstacles can be anticipated based on the given information.

Firstly, resistance from employees might be a significant obstacle. IFG is a traditional company with a long-established way of doing things. Introducing new technologies and processes can disrupt the routine and comfort of employees, leading to resistance and pushback. There may be concerns about job security, increased workload, lack of training, or general skepticism about the benefits of technology. Overcoming this obstacle would require effective change management strategies, including clear communication, employee involvement and engagement, and addressing any fears or misconceptions.

Secondly, resistance from middle management could also be a potential obstacle. Middle managers might feel threatened by the implementation of technology, as it could reduce their role or influence within the organization. They might also resist change due to a lack of understanding or awareness of the benefits technology can bring. Winning their support would involve showcasing the potential benefits, addressing any concerns, involving them in the decision-making process, and providing them with the necessary resources and support to adapt to the changes.

Thirdly, there might be a lack of technological infrastructure within IFG, making it difficult to implement the proposed three-point plan. IFG is described as a traditional company with no substantial investment in technology. To effectively use technology to reach customers, they would need to invest in systems, hardware, software, and other technological infrastructure. Overcoming this obstacle would require a clear business case for investment, demonstrating the potential return on investment and aligning it with IFG’s strategic goals.

Fourthly, there might be a lack of expertise or technical skills within the organization to implement and manage the proposed technology initiatives. IFG primarily employs salespeople with more traditional skills and experience. Developing the necessary technical expertise would require training programs, hiring new talent, or partnering with external consultants or technology providers. Overcoming this obstacle would involve identifying the required skills, assessing existing capabilities, and developing a comprehensive plan to bridge any gaps.

Lastly, there might be financial constraints within IFG. The company is described as being profitable but cautious in significant investments. Implementing technology initiatives can be costly, and securing the necessary financial resources might be challenging. Winning support for the plan would require a robust business case that demonstrates the long-term benefits and return on investment, as well as exploring alternative funding options such as partnerships or external investment.

To win support for his team’s three-point plan, Josh should develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses these obstacles. This strategy should include clear communication and engagement with employees at all levels, emphasizing the benefits and addressing concerns. It should also involve building a strong business case for technology investment, highlighting the potential return on investment and alignment with IFG’s strategic goals. Additionally, it should involve identifying and developing the necessary skills and expertise within the organization and securing the necessary financial resources. By addressing these obstacles effectively, Josh can increase the likelihood of gaining support for his team’s plan and successfully implementing technology initiatives at IFG.

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