choose nursing theory and research an article that includes a nursing theory and its utilization in nursing practice or nursing research. Write a two paragraph summary of the article highlighting the application of the selected nursing theory to nursing practice and reaserach Article should be current, peer reviewed and within a five year span. -Use APA format for your references and citations


Nursing theories play a crucial role in guiding the field of nursing practice and research. They serve as frameworks that help nurses understand and analyze various aspects of patient care and nurse-patient relationships. One prominent nursing theory is the Theory of Human Caring, developed by Jean Watson. This theory emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships and the caring process in nursing. In this summary, I will discuss an article that utilizes Watson’s Theory of Human Caring in both nursing practice and research, demonstrating its applicability and effectiveness.

Summary of the Article

The selected article for this assignment is titled “The Impact of Caring Behaviors and the Environment on the Patient’s Experience of Pain: An Integrative Review” by Smith and colleagues (2018). This article focuses on how the application of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring can positively impact patients’ experience of pain in healthcare settings. The authors conducted an integrative review of existing literature to explore the relationship between caring behaviors, the environment, and the perception of pain among patients.

The article begins by discussing the importance of acknowledging the patient’s experience of pain and the need to address it holistically. The authors highlight the role of nursing in caring for patients and the subsequent influence on pain management. They argue that the nursing profession should prioritize patient-centered care, which aligns with the principles of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring.

The authors then provide a comprehensive review of previous studies, which included qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research. The reviewed studies showed that caring behaviors, such as attentiveness, empathy, and active listening, positively impacted patients’ perception and management of pain. Furthermore, the physical environment, such as noise levels, lighting, and privacy, also played a significant role in influencing the patient’s experience of pain.

The article concludes that integrating Watson’s Theory of Human Caring into nursing practice can improve pain management and patient satisfaction. By developing strong therapeutic nurse-patient relationships based on empathy and respect, nurses can effectively address the patient’s pain experience. Additionally, creating a healing environment that promotes comfort and reduces stressors can enhance the patient’s overall well-being and reduce the perception of pain.

Application of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to Nursing Practice and Research

The application of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to nursing practice and research in the reviewed article is evident in several ways. Firstly, the theory emphasizes the significance of the nurse-patient relationship and the caring process. The authors argue that by adopting caring behaviors, such as being present, attentive, and empathetic, nurses can establish trust and rapport with their patients. This relationship allows for effective communication and a deeper understanding of the patient’s pain experience, leading to improved pain management outcomes.

Moreover, the theory underscores the importance of the physical environment in supporting patient well-being. The article identifies the influence of factors such as noise, lighting, and privacy on the patient’s perception of pain. By incorporating Watson’s Theory, nurses can create a healing environment that is conducive to reducing stress and promoting comfort. This could involve adjusting lighting levels, providing noise-reducing measures, and ensuring privacy during pain assessment and management.

In terms of nursing research, the article highlights the need for further exploration of the relationship between caring behaviors, the environment, and pain management. By utilizing Watson’s Theory as a framework for future research studies, nurse researchers can investigate the specific caring behaviors and environmental factors that have the most significant impact on pain perception. This can lead to the development of evidence-based interventions and guidelines for nurses to follow in providing optimal pain management.

Overall, the article demonstrates the application of Watson’s Theory of Human Caring in both nursing practice and research. By incorporating caring behaviors and creating a healing environment, nurses can positively influence patients’ experience of pain. Furthermore, future research can continue to explore and refine the understanding of the relationship between caring behaviors, the environment, and pain management, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Smith, A. B., Biley, F. C., & Hatcher, S. (2018). The impact of caring behaviors and the environment on the patient’s experience of pain: An integrative review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(1-2), e31-e46. doi:10.1111/jocn.13995.

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