Clinical Judgment is the process of integrating evidence-based practice, critical-thought, the Nursing Process, knowledge, skills, and attitudes, as well as application of theory to practice in order to promote safe, quality care to clients in all settings. Keeping that in mind, answer the following scenario: You are the Charge Nurse in a large Urban Emergency Department (ED). You nursing staff include: The following patients are in the ED, which patient will you give to each of the nurses and why?

As the Charge Nurse in a large Urban Emergency Department (ED), it is my responsibility to assign patients to nurses based on their individual skills, knowledge, and expertise in order to provide safe and quality care. In this scenario, there are several patients in the ED that need to be assigned. I will carefully consider the specific needs and acuity of each patient before assigning them to the nurses.

Nurse A has been working in the ED for several years and is highly experienced in handling trauma cases. Therefore, I will assign Nurse A to the patient who has been brought in with a severe head injury following a car accident. This patient requires immediate attention and close monitoring due to the potential for complications such as increased intracranial pressure or bleeding. Nurse A’s expertise and knowledge in trauma care make them the most suitable to provide the necessary interventions and monitor the patient effectively.

Nurse B is relatively new to the ED but has recently completed additional training in critical care nursing. Given their recently acquired knowledge and skills, I will assign Nurse B to the patient who is experiencing respiratory distress and requires frequent monitoring and interventions. This patient may need oxygen therapy, nebulizer treatments, or even intubation if their condition deteriorates. Nurse B’s training in critical care nursing makes them well-equipped to manage these interventions and handle the patient’s needs effectively.

Nurse C is a seasoned nurse who has extensive experience in geriatric care and is highly skilled in managing multiple chronic conditions. I will assign Nurse C to the elderly patient who has been admitted with a flare-up of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and congestive heart failure (CHF). This patient’s condition requires careful monitoring of vital signs, administering medications, managing oxygen therapy, and assessing for any signs of worsening respiratory distress or fluid overload. Nurse C’s expertise in managing chronic conditions will ensure that the patient receives comprehensive care and that any potential complications are addressed promptly.

Nurse D is a newer nurse who has recently completed a certification course in pediatric nursing. I will assign Nurse D to the young child who has been brought in with a high fever and suspected bacterial infection. This patient may require blood tests, IV antibiotics, and close monitoring of vital signs. Nurse D’s training in pediatric nursing will enable them to provide appropriate care and interventions for the child, considering their unique needs and the potential for rapid changes in their condition.

Finally, Nurse E has recently completed a course in psychiatric nursing and has expressed an interest in working with patients presenting with mental health issues. I will assign Nurse E to the patient who has arrived at the ED with acute psychiatric symptoms and requires a comprehensive psychiatric assessment. Nurse E’s specialized training in psychiatric nursing will be valuable in addressing the patient’s needs, conducting a thorough evaluation, and initiating appropriate interventions or referrals to mental health services.

In conclusion, the assignment of patients to nurses in the ED should be based on careful consideration of each nurse’s skills, knowledge, and expertise. By matching the needs of each patient to the strengths of the nurses, we can ensure that all patients receive the appropriate and quality care they deserve.

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