Complete a Practicum Journal Entry that prompts you to reflect on your practicum experiences and relate them to your Professional Goals and Self-Assessment of Clinical Skills Assignment. I need Week 5, 6, 7 , 8, 9, and 10 Journal Entries. Each Journal should be 1/2 page, APA format and at least 2 references.  This is MSN-FNP course. Budget $30

Practicum Journal Entry: Week 5

During the fifth week of my practicum experience, I had the opportunity to further enhance my clinical skills and knowledge as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) student. One particular experience that stood out to me was the opportunity to observe and assist in a minor surgical procedure. This experience not only helped me to develop my assessment and procedural skills but also broadened my understanding of the role of an FNP in a primary care setting.

The patient was a middle-aged female who presented with a benign skin lesion. The primary care physician had decided that the lesion needed to be surgically excised. Prior to the procedure, I had the opportunity to assist in the pre-operative assessment, which involved obtaining the patient’s medical history, conducting a physical examination, and ensuring informed consent. This experience allowed me to practice my assessment skills and learn how to effectively communicate with patients to obtain accurate and relevant information.

During the procedure, I assisted the primary care physician by setting up the sterile field, handing instruments, and providing support to the patient. This hands-on experience allowed me to observe the surgical technique and gain a better understanding of the procedure itself. It also highlighted the importance of maintaining a sterile environment to prevent infections and promote patient safety.

Reflecting on this experience, I realized how vital it is for an FNP to be competent in a wide range of clinical skills and procedures. As I progress in my career, I aim to continuously improve and expand my clinical skills to provide comprehensive and holistic care to my future patients. This experience also reinforced my interest in procedural medicine and sparked my curiosity to explore other minor procedures that can be performed in a primary care setting.

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Practicum Journal Entry: Week 6

During the sixth week of my practicum experience, I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I had acquired thus far in the assessment and management of common acute illnesses. This week focused on urgent care visits and provided me with valuable hands-on experience in managing patients with acute conditions.

One notable patient encounter during this week was a 35-year-old male who presented with symptoms of upper respiratory infection. The patient complained of nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, and low-grade fever. Through a comprehensive assessment, I was able to diagnose the patient with acute viral rhinosinusitis.

In managing this patient, I focused on providing symptomatic relief and counseling on supportive care measures. I prescribed over-the-counter medications, such as nasal decongestants and throat lozenges, and recommended rest and hydration. In addition, I provided education on self-care measures and advised the patient to follow up if symptoms worsened or persisted.

This experience allowed me to apply my clinical knowledge in diagnosing and managing common acute illnesses. It also emphasized the importance of patient education and counseling to promote self-care and prevent unnecessary antibiotic use. Moving forward, I aim to further develop my skills in diagnosing and managing acute conditions, as they constitute a significant portion of primary care visits.

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