Consider a patient centered issue you have observed recently. Formulate a research question related to that issue. Identify the independent and dependent variable, hypothesis and type of hypothesis. What type of research study design would you use to address that issue, what type of sampling or sampling strategy would you use? Defend your choices with support from your textbook or other peer-reviewed journal source..

Title: Examining the Impact of Patient Education on Medication Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Patient education plays a crucial role in the management of chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes. Medication adherence is essential for optimizing treatment outcomes and preventing complications in these patients. However, non-adherence to prescribed medications remains a significant problem. Therefore, the research question to be explored is: Does patient education improve medication adherence in Type 2 diabetes patients?

Independent Variable: Patient education
Dependent Variable: Medication adherence

Null Hypothesis (H0): There is no significant relationship between patient education and medication adherence in Type 2 diabetes patients.
Alternative Hypothesis (HA): Patient education positively impacts medication adherence in Type 2 diabetes patients.

Type of Hypothesis:
The hypothesis can be classified as directional because it proposes a positive impact of patient education on medication adherence.

Research Study Design:
To address this issue, a randomized controlled trial (RCT) design would be appropriate. An RCT is a quantitative research design that utilizes random assignment of participants into intervention and control groups, allowing for the evaluation of cause-and-effect relationships. This design is particularly suitable for studies aiming to investigate the effectiveness of interventions or treatments.

Sampling Strategy:
The targeted sample population for this study would be individuals diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, who are currently on medication. By employing a convenience sampling strategy, participants can be recruited from local diabetes clinics or healthcare facilities. Convenience sampling allows for the selection of readily available participants, ensuring that the study can be conducted within a feasible timeframe and budget.

The chosen sampling strategy is supported by the textbook “Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches” by John W. Creswell. Creswell highlights that in quantitative research, convenience sampling is often used when the researcher has limited time, money, or access to potential participants. This sampling approach allows for the collection of data from individuals who are readily accessible and willing to participate, facilitating the study’s practicality and feasibility.

Furthermore, a study published in the International Journal of Health Sciences states that convenience sampling is commonly employed in research studying chronic diseases due to the ease of recruiting patients from clinics and hospitals. As this study focuses on Type 2 diabetes patients, conducting the research in healthcare facilities will enable efficient recruitment and data collection.

In summary, the research question “Does patient education improve medication adherence in Type 2 diabetes patients?” can be addressed through a randomized controlled trial. Patient education would serve as the independent variable, while medication adherence would be the dependent variable. The hypothesis proposes a positive impact of patient education on medication adherence. A convenience sampling strategy would be employed to recruit participants from local diabetes clinics. This study design and sampling strategy are supported by the textbook and literature, ensuring the research’s practicality and feasibility. By investigating the relationship between patient education and medication adherence, the study aims to contribute to the existing body of knowledge and potentially offer insights for improving patient care in Type 2 diabetes management.

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