Develop a clinical practice question using PICO(T) that focuses on a clinical issue to improve the quality of care. : 1. As a team, you will identify a clinical problem/opportunity, draft a PICOT question. 2. Review the literature (using the articles you are reading for your weekly summaries, if possible), make recommendations. 3. Create a poster and add it onto your last slide of your PowerPoint presentation to disseminate your findings.

Title: The Impact of Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration on Patient Outcomes: A Systematic Review

Effective collaboration among healthcare professionals has been recognized as a critical factor in improving the quality of patient care. Multidisciplinary team collaboration involves the active involvement and coordination of healthcare professionals from various disciplines in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients. This approach emphasizes the importance of shared decision-making, communication, and coordination to ensure optimal patient outcomes. However, the impact of multidisciplinary team collaboration on patient outcomes remains an area of debate and requires further investigation. This systematic review aims to examine the effectiveness of multidisciplinary team collaboration in improving patient outcomes.

PICOT Question:
In adult inpatient settings, does the implementation of multidisciplinary team collaboration, compared to usual care, improve patient outcomes in terms of reducing hospital readmissions, length of stay, and healthcare costs?

PICO(T) Components:
Population: Adult patients admitted to inpatient settings.
Intervention: Implementation of multidisciplinary team collaboration.
Comparison: Usual care without multidisciplinary team collaboration.
Outcome 1: Reduction in hospital readmissions.
Outcome 2: Decrease in length of stay.
Outcome 3: Reduction in healthcare costs.
Time: Not specified.

Literature Review:
To conduct this systematic review, a comprehensive search will be performed using electronic databases, including PubMed, CINAHL, and Cochrane Library. The search strategy will include a combination of relevant keywords and subject headings related to multidisciplinary team collaboration, patient outcomes, hospital readmissions, length of stay, and healthcare costs. Articles published in English from the past 10 years will be included.

Inclusion criteria will include: (1) studies that evaluate the impact of multidisciplinary team collaboration on patient outcomes in adult inpatient settings, (2) studies that provide a comparison to usual care without multidisciplinary team collaboration, (3) studies that report hospital readmissions, length of stay, and healthcare costs as outcomes, and (4) randomized controlled trials, quasi-experimental studies, and observational studies. Exclusion criteria will include: (1) studies conducted in pediatric, outpatient, or community settings, (2) studies that do not assess patient outcomes related to hospital readmissions, length of stay, or healthcare costs, and (3) studies published in languages other than English.

Data extraction will be performed using a standardized data extraction form, including study characteristics (e.g., author, year, study design), participant characteristics, intervention details, outcomes measured, and key findings. The quality of included studies will be assessed using appropriate tools, such as the Cochrane Collaboration’s tool for assessing risk of bias for randomized controlled trials. Data synthesis will be conducted through narrative synthesis, considering study design, population characteristics, intervention variations, and outcomes measured.

Findings and Recommendations:
Based on the systematic review of the selected articles, the findings will be summarized and analyzed. The impact of multidisciplinary team collaboration on patient outcomes, specifically hospital readmissions, length of stay, and healthcare costs, will be evaluated. Recommendations for practice will be made based on the strength and quality of evidence found in the literature.

Poster Presentation:
The findings of this systematic review will be disseminated through a poster presentation. The poster will outline the research question, methodology, main findings, and recommendations. Visual aids, such as graphs or tables, will be used to present the results in a clear and concise manner. The poster will be added as the last slide of the PowerPoint presentation for easy access and reference.

This systematic review aims to contribute to the understanding of the impact of multidisciplinary team collaboration on patient outcomes in adult inpatient settings. By examining the existing literature, this review will provide evidence-based recommendations for healthcare professionals, policy-makers, and future research in improving the quality of care through enhanced collaboration among healthcare teams.

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