Discuss how business use Access Control to protect their inf…

Discuss how business use Access Control to protect their information, describe how a business will Control the Process. Length, 2 – 3 pages. All paper are written in APA formatting, include title and references pages (not counted). Must use at least two references and citations.


Access control is a crucial component for businesses in protecting their information and ensuring the security of their systems and networks. It refers to the process of regulating and managing the rights of individuals or entities to access certain resources or areas within an organization’s infrastructure. By implementing access controls, businesses can effectively control who has access to their sensitive information, and this aids in preventing unauthorized access, data breaches, and insider threats.

To control the access process effectively, businesses need to establish several key elements that include policies, procedures, and technological controls. The first step in controlling the access process is to develop a comprehensive access control policy. This policy outlines the guidelines and rules that govern the granting and revoking of access rights, as well as the proper use of those rights. The policy should also define the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in the access control process, such as system administrators and security personnel.

To implement the access control policy, businesses typically adopt a multi-layered approach that combines various access controls, including physical controls, identification and authentication mechanisms, and authorization mechanisms. Physical controls involve safeguarding the physical environment where the information systems are located. These controls may include measures like restricted access to server rooms, keycard entry systems, CCTV surveillance, and alarms.

Identification and authentication mechanisms play a significant role in verifying the identity of users and ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain access to the system. This is typically achieved through the use of usernames and passwords, biometric authentication methods (such as fingerprints or facial recognition), smart cards, or two-factor authentication.

Once the user’s identity has been verified, the next step is to assign authorization privileges, determining what resources or areas the user is allowed to access. These authorization mechanisms are often implemented using role-based access control (RBAC) or attribute-based access control (ABAC) models. RBAC assigns user permissions based on predefined roles, while ABAC takes into account additional attributes like user attributes, context, and environmental factors to make access decisions.

To streamline the process of granting and managing access rights, businesses use access control management systems or software. These systems enable organizations to create and manage user accounts, assign access rights, monitor user activity, and revoke user privileges when necessary.

In addition to technological controls, businesses also need to train their employees on the importance of access controls and implement ongoing security awareness programs. These programs educate employees about potential risks and threats, the proper use of access rights, and the consequences of violating access control policies. Regular security audits and assessments should be conducted to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in the access control process, and appropriate measures should be taken to address these issues.

In conclusion, access control is a critical aspect of protecting business information and ensuring the security of systems and networks. By implementing a robust access control process that includes policies, procedures, and technological controls, businesses can effectively regulate access to their resources, safeguard against unauthorized access, data breaches, and insider threats. Continuous monitoring, regular audits, and ongoing employee training are also essential to maintain a strong access control framework.

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