Example: Pt and his father were seen for family therapy. Supportive psychotherapy was utilized to discuss recent life changes related to changing school. Numerous concerns identified causing conflict in the home. We developed a contract between the two that identified compromises that could help to reduce points of conflict. Patient and father were agreeable to strategies devised to reduce familial conflict. Will follow-up in 1 month.

Family therapy is an effective approach to address and resolve conflicts within the family system. In the case of Pt and his father seeking therapy, the therapeutic intervention focused on utilizing supportive psychotherapy techniques to address recent life changes related to changing schools. This academic paper aims to analyze the considerations in family therapy, outline the identified concerns causing conflict in the home, and examine the development of a contract to reduce points of conflict.

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves the entire family unit in addressing and resolving conflicts or behavioral issues. It operates on the premise that individual behaviors and emotions are influenced by the dynamics and interactions within the family system. By involving all family members, family therapy aims to improve communication, enhance understanding, and foster healthier relationships among family members.

In the case of Pt and his father, the primary concern for seeking family therapy was related to the recent change of schools. It is important to note that changing schools can be a significant life event for an individual, particularly for adolescents like Pt. This transition can potentially lead to various emotions and reactions, such as anxiety, stress, and a sense of displacement. In this case, it appears that the impact of changing schools has been manifested in conflicts within the home.

During the therapy session, the identified concerns causing conflict in the home were explored. It is important to conduct a comprehensive assessment to obtain a thorough understanding of the dynamics and issues at play within the family. Some of the potential concerns might include difficulties in adjusting to the new school environment, academic performance-related stress, changes in social dynamics or peer relationships, or concerns about fitting in or being accepted by new peers.

By identifying the specific concerns causing conflict, the therapist can tailor the therapeutic intervention to address these issues effectively. In this case, it is mentioned that a contract was developed between Pt and his father to identify compromises that could help reduce points of conflict. The purpose of the contract is to establish clear expectations and agreements between family members, and it serves as a roadmap for promoting healthier interactions and resolving conflicts.

It is essential to involve all family members in the development of the contract to ensure that everyone’s needs and perspectives are considered. In the case of Pt and his father, they were agreeable to the strategies devised to reduce familial conflict. This indicates a willingness to actively participate and work towards resolving the conflicts within the family system.

Furthermore, regular follow-up sessions are crucial to monitor the progress of the therapeutic intervention. In this case, it is planned to follow up with Pt and his father in one month. This allows the therapist to assess the effectiveness of the strategies outlined in the contract and make any necessary adjustments or modifications to the treatment plan.

Overall, family therapy is a valuable approach in addressing conflicts within the family system. By utilizing supportive psychotherapy techniques, therapists can help families navigate through significant life changes and develop healthier ways of interacting and resolving conflicts. In the case of Pt and his father, the use of a contract to establish compromises and reduce points of conflict appears to be a promising intervention. Regular follow-up sessions will provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapeutic intervention and make adjustments as needed.

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