Here are two web site that compliment this lessons reading, is well  related to our discussion on the image of nursing. Please check it out! I would suggest bookmarking it for future reference. also has some useful information on leadership in nursing, and in the past they have offered free CDs with information on their discover nursing initiative. In addition, the site provides an excellent example of positive portrayal of nursing.  I suggest bookmarking this site also!

The websites provided in the question are related to the topic of the image of nursing and leadership in nursing. These websites offer valuable information and resources that can be bookmarked for future reference.

The first website mentioned is related to the discover nursing initiative. This initiative aims to promote nursing as a profession and provide information and resources to individuals interested in pursuing a career in nursing. The website not only offers useful information on leadership in nursing but also provides free CDs that contain valuable information on the initiative. This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about the various aspects of nursing leadership and the positive impact it has on the profession.

The second website is focused on portraying nursing in a positive light. It serves as an example of how nursing can be portrayed positively in various settings. This is important because the image of nursing plays a crucial role in attracting individuals to the profession and influencing public perception. By bookmarking this website, individuals can have access to examples and resources that can help them understand and promote a positive image of nursing.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the topic of the image of nursing and its significance in the field.

The image of nursing refers to how nursing is perceived by the general public, other healthcare professionals, and individuals considering entering the profession. It encompasses various aspects, including stereotypes, public perception, media portrayal, and the overall reputation of the profession.

The image of nursing holds great importance as it directly impacts the recruitment and retention of nurses, as well as their job satisfaction and professional advancement. A positive image attracts individuals to the profession, encourages nursing students to continue their studies, and helps retain experienced nurses in the workforce. Conversely, a negative image can deter potential candidates, contribute to increased attrition rates, and undermine the profession’s credibility.

Historically, nursing has been subject to various stereotypes that have influenced the perception of the profession. These stereotypes often depict nurses as subordinate, passive, and lacking autonomy. Such portrayals undermine the expertise and knowledge that nurses possess, and fail to capture the multidimensional and complex nature of nursing practice.

Media portrayal plays a significant role in shaping the image of nursing. Media, through television shows, movies, and news stories, often focuses on the emotional aspect of nursing, portraying nurses as compassionate caregivers. While portraying nurses as caring and empathetic is important, it is equally important to highlight the diverse skills and roles that nurses fulfill in various healthcare settings, such as advanced practice nursing, research, education, and leadership.

Efforts have been made to challenge these stereotypes and promote a more realistic and positive image of nursing. Nursing organizations, academic institutions, and policymakers have recognized the need to address the image of nursing and have developed strategies to reshape it. These strategies include promoting the accomplishments and contributions of nurses, engaging with the media to ensure accurate portrayals of nursing, and advocating for legislative changes that empower nurses and highlight their expertise.

Several initiatives, similar to the discover nursing initiative mentioned earlier, have been launched to increase awareness and promote a positive image of nursing. These initiatives focus on showcasing the diverse roles and responsibilities of nurses, celebrating their achievements, and debunking common misconceptions about the profession. By doing so, they aim to attract a more diverse pool of candidates, enhance public trust in nursing, and elevate the profession’s status within the healthcare system.

In conclusion, the image of nursing is a crucial aspect of the nursing profession that directly impacts recruitment, retention, and professional advancement. Efforts to promote a positive image of nursing and challenge stereotypes are essential to attract and retain talented individuals in the profession and ensure that nursing is recognized for its expertise and contributions to healthcare.

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