How does knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provide a context in which to understand current practice? Identify at least three trends in nursing practice from the “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events” media piece. How have these trends influenced your perspective of nursing practice? Purchase the answer to view it


Knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing is crucial for healthcare professionals to fully understand the context in which current nursing practices are situated. By understanding the historical development and evolution of nursing, healthcare practitioners can better appreciate the progress made in the field and gain insights into the challenges and advancements that have shaped modern nursing practice. This knowledge creates a framework for understanding the principles and values that underpin contemporary nursing practice. In this essay, we will discuss how knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provides a context to understand current practice. Additionally, we will identify and analyze three trends in nursing practice from the “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events” media piece and explore their impact on our perspective of nursing practice.

Understanding the Context of Current Nursing Practice

The foundations and history of nursing serve as a lens through which we can understand current nursing practice. Nursing has evolved over centuries, influenced by various factors such as social, cultural, and technological changes. By examining the historical milestones, we can identify the progressive development of nursing as a profession, leading to the contemporary roles and responsibilities of nurses today.

Firstly, understanding the foundations and history of nursing allows us to trace the roots of nursing from its early origins. The historical development of nursing can be linked back to religious and humanitarian efforts, such as the work of religious orders and Florence Nightingale’s revolutionary contributions during the Crimean War. Knowing this history helps us recognize the foundations of compassionate care and the dedication nurses have shown throughout time.

Secondly, knowledge of the historical context enables us to appreciate the challenges faced by early nurses and the milestones achieved in establishing nursing as a recognized profession. For example, the establishment of the American Nurses Association (ANA) in 1896 and the International Council of Nurses (ICN) in 1899 marked significant milestones in organizing and advocating for the rights and professional development of nurses. Understanding the struggles faced by the nursing pioneers can inspire us to continue working towards enhancing the profession and improving patient care.

Lastly, understanding the history of nursing provides insight into the evolution of nursing education, practice settings, and roles. Changes in healthcare delivery, advancements in technology, and shifting societal needs have influenced the scope of practice for nurses. For instance, the development of specialized nursing roles, such as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and nurse anesthetists, exemplifies the expansion of nursing practice to meet the diverse healthcare needs of the population. Recognizing these changes gives us a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of nursing and its adaptability to a dynamic healthcare environment.

Trends in Nursing Practice from the Nursing Timeline of Historical Events

Analyzing the “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events,” we can identify three significant trends in nursing practice that have influenced our perspective.

1. Professionalization of Nursing: The trend towards professionalization is evident in the efforts to establish nursing as an organized and distinct profession. This trend can be seen in the foundation of professional nursing organizations, like the ANA and ICN mentioned earlier. These organizations have played pivotal roles in advocating for nurses’ rights, setting standards of practice, and promoting professional development. This trend has influenced our perspective of nursing practice by emphasizing the importance of professionalism, evidence-based practice, and lifelong learning.

2. Advancements in Technology: The integration of technology in nursing practice has been a transformative trend. From the introduction of electronic health records (EHRs) to the use of telemedicine and medical devices, technology has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered. This trend has expanded nurses’ roles to include proficiency in using technology, analyzing data, and applying evidence-based practice supported by technological advancements. Our perspective of nursing practice is now influenced by the need to adapt to and embrace technological advancements and the potential they hold for improving patient care.

3. Focus on Holistic Care and Patient-Centeredness: Another trend we observe is the shift towards a holistic approach to patient care and a focus on patient-centeredness. This trend recognizes the importance of addressing patients’ physical, emotional, and social needs to provide comprehensive care. It emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients, encouraging shared decision-making. This trend has influenced our perspective by highlighting the significance of forming therapeutic relationships, practicing cultural humility, and incorporating patient preferences in healthcare decision-making.


In conclusion, knowledge of the foundations and history of nursing provides an essential context for understanding current nursing practice. It allows healthcare professionals to appreciate the progress and challenges in the field, recognize the principles of compassionate care, and understand the evolving roles and responsibilities of nurses. Analyzing the trends in nursing practice from the “Nursing Timeline of Historical Events” media piece reveals the significance of professionalization, technological advancements, and holistic care in shaping our perspective of nursing practice. By understanding these trends, we can navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape and contribute to the advancement of nursing.

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