I need to review and improve  my paper: introduction grammatical errors intext citations (highligted in the paper) APA format (professor is very strict on this) conclusions is too short review references (APA) -Recent health care legislature ( within 3 years) – Literature review regarding issue ( 5 peer review article) – Statistical data related to issue, population impacted and health care outcome of issue and legislature – Nursing role in passing the legislature I need turn it in report!!! I need to improve it


The healthcare industry is a dynamic and complex system that is constantly influenced by changes in legislation. Recent healthcare legislature plays a significant role in shaping the healthcare landscape and has a direct impact on various aspects of patient care, healthcare outcomes, and nursing practice. This paper aims to review and analyze recent healthcare legislature within the past three years, conduct a literature review on the issue associated with the legislature, examine statistical data related to the population impacted and healthcare outcomes, and explore the role of nursing in passing such legislature.

Grammatical Errors

During the revision and proofreading process, it is essential to identify and correct any grammatical errors present in the paper. These errors can affect the clarity and comprehensibility of the content. By thoroughly reviewing the paper, you can identify and rectify any grammatical errors to ensure effective communication of your ideas and findings.

In-Text Citations

Properly citing sources within the paper is crucial to acknowledge and give credit to the authors whose work has been referenced. In-text citations should follow the guidelines provided by the American Psychological Association (APA) format. It is important to verify that all in-text citations are accurate and complete, providing sufficient information for readers to locate the original sources.

APA Format

Your professor’s strict adherence to APA format is an indication of the importance he places on the accurate and consistent application of this citation style. It is essential to review the entire paper and ensure that each aspect, such as font style and size, margins, heading levels, page numbers, and citation format, complies with the guidelines specified in the APA Publication Manual.


The conclusion section of a research paper provides an opportunity to summarize the main findings, draw meaningful insights, and suggest further research directions. However, your professor has expressed that the current conclusion is too short. To improve your paper, you may consider expanding your conclusions by emphasizing the key implications of the research findings and making connections to the broader healthcare context.

Review of References

A comprehensive and well-structured reference list is vital to support the credibility and academic integrity of your paper. In this particular assignment, you are required to include references from the past three years. It is essential to review each reference and ensure that they adhere to the APA guidelines for referencing scholarly articles, books, and other relevant sources.

Recent Healthcare Legislature

To analyze recent healthcare legislature, it is imperative to identify and examine specific legislative acts or policies that have been implemented within the past three years. By providing concise summaries of these legislations, you can highlight their significance and potential impact on the healthcare system.

Literature Review

A literature review involves analyzing and synthesizing existing research studies and scholarly articles related to the issue associated with the recent healthcare legislature. It is important to focus on peer-reviewed articles to ensure the validity and reliability of the information. By conducting a thorough literature review, you can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the topic and situate your research within the existing body of knowledge.

Statistical Data

Statistical data plays a crucial role in understanding the impact of recent healthcare legislature on specific populations and healthcare outcomes. By incorporating relevant statistical data, you can provide quantitative evidence to support your arguments and enhance the validity of your findings. It is necessary to critically analyze and interpret the statistical data to draw meaningful conclusions.

Nursing Role in Passing Legislature

The nursing profession plays a vital role in advocating for healthcare legislation and policy changes. As part of this assignment, it is important to explore the specific role that nurses and nursing organizations have played in the development, implementation, and passage of recent healthcare legislature. By highlighting the nursing perspective, you can demonstrate the unique contribution of nurses in shaping healthcare policies and improving patient care.

In conclusion, to improve your paper, it is crucial to address grammatical errors, ensure accurate in-text citations and adherence to APA format, expand the conclusions, review and format the references according to APA guidelines, analyze recent healthcare legislature, conduct a comprehensive literature review, incorporate relevant statistical data, and explore the nursing role in passing legislature. By systematically addressing these areas, you can enhance the overall quality and clarity of your paper.

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