In this assignment you will need to watch a video and you will have to discuss your experienced in this clinical cite as a nursing student. A rubric is attached bellow please follow the rubric instructions. You will need to watch the video in order to complete this assignment. 1-2 pages

Title: Analyzing the Role of a Nursing Student in a Clinical Setting


As a nursing student, it is essential to gain practical experience in a clinical setting to enhance our understanding and mastery of the theoretical knowledge we acquire throughout our academic journey. Observing and participating in real-world patient care scenarios allows us to integrate theory into practice and further develop our clinical skills. In this assignment, we will analyze the experience of a nursing student in a clinical setting, as depicted in the provided video. We will explore the key aspects of the clinical environment, patient care team dynamics, and the student’s role and responsibilities.

Clinical Environment and Settings:

The clinical environment serves as the backdrop for nursing students to apply their knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities. It encompasses diverse healthcare settings such as hospitals, primary care clinics, long-term care facilities, and community health centers. In the video, it is crucial to identify the specific clinical setting portrayed to gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with that particular environment.

Patient Care Team Dynamics:

Collaboration is at the core of effective healthcare delivery. Nursing students are an integral part of the patient care team, working collaboratively with registered nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals. By observing the video, it is necessary to identify the various members of the healthcare team involved in the patient’s care and their respective roles and responsibilities. Understanding the dynamics of the team helps nursing students contribute effectively to patient-centered care and interprofessional collaboration.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Nursing Student:

Nursing students have unique roles and responsibilities within the clinical setting. These are guided by their level of education, institution-specific policies, and the scope of practice outlined by their professional regulatory bodies. In the video, it is crucial to evaluate the nursing student’s actions and responsibilities to determine if they align with the established guidelines.

Patient Care Activities:

Patient care activities offer nursing students valuable opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge. These activities encompass a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to conducting health assessments, administering medications, assisting with procedures, and providing emotional support to patients and their families. By observing the video, it is essential to identify the specific patient care activities in which the nursing student engages and assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of their actions.

Ethical and Legal Considerations:

Nursing practice is governed by ethical principles and legal obligations that guide decision-making and protect the well-being of patients. Nursing students must navigate these ethical and legal aspects to ensure the delivery of safe, compassionate, and culturally sensitive care. While analyzing the video, it is important to identify any ethical dilemmas or legal issues encountered by the nursing student, as well as their resolution strategies or proposed actions.


In conclusion, this assignment explores the experience of a nursing student in a clinical setting, as depicted in the provided video. By analyzing the clinical environment, patient care team dynamics, the nursing student’s roles and responsibilities, patient care activities, and ethical and legal considerations, we gain valuable insight into the practical application of nursing knowledge. This analysis enables us to reflect on our own experiences in clinical settings and continuously improve our skills and competence as future healthcare professionals.

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