In this assignment, you will write sed and gawk commands to …

In this assignment, you will write sed and gawk commands to accomplish certain requested functionality. Given the many powerful features of sed and gawk, you are provided with a link to a tutorial for sed as well as gawk to assist you in completing this assignment.


Sed and gawk are both powerful text processing tools commonly used in Unix-like operating systems. Sed is primarily used for performing simple text transformations and editing tasks, while gawk is a more versatile programming language that allows for more complex data manipulation.

To effectively utilize sed and gawk, it is important to understand their basic syntax and functionality. Sed operates by reading lines from a file or standard input, applying specified commands to them, and then displaying the results. Sed commands consist of an optional address range, followed by a command and optional command modifiers. Some commonly used sed commands include s (substitute), d (delete), and p (print).

Gawk, on the other hand, operates by reading input data, applying actions and patterns to select certain records, and then performing operations on those records. Gawk programs consist of a series of pattern-action statements, where the pattern specifies a condition for selecting records, and the action specifies the operation to be performed on the selected records. Gawk also supports a wide range of built-in functions and regular expressions for more advanced data manipulation.

For this assignment, you will be provided with specific requirements that can be accomplished using sed and gawk commands. It is important to carefully analyze each requirement and determine the most suitable command or combination of commands to achieve the desired functionality. You may need to combine multiple sed or gawk commands, or even incorporate shell commands or regular expressions, to fully address the requirements.

To assist you in completing this assignment, a tutorial for sed and gawk has been provided. This tutorial will cover the basic syntax and functionality of each tool, as well as provide examples and explanations of common use cases. It is recommended that you review this tutorial before starting the assignment, as it will greatly enhance your understanding of sed and gawk and help you utilize their features effectively.

In summary, this assignment will require you to write sed and gawk commands to accomplish specific functionality. Sed and gawk are powerful text processing tools with their own syntax and functionality, and understanding their basics is crucial for completing this assignment successfully. By carefully analyzing each requirement and utilizing the provided tutorial, you will be able to effectively utilize sed and gawk to fulfill the requested tasks.

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