Introduction— Question- Search Engines are monster sized d…

Introduction— Question- Search Engines are monster sized databases. They are not normalized by any means or are they? Explain how you believe a company such as Google or Microsoft can improve their search technology by starting with improving their database. References. Minimum 2 or more.


Search engines play a crucial role in the digital age by enabling users to access information quickly and efficiently. Companies such as Google and Microsoft have revolutionized the search technology industry through their powerful search engines, which retrieve relevant information from vast quantities of data. To improve their search technology, these companies can indeed start with enhancing their databases. This academic essay explores the potential benefits and challenges of improving databases in search engines and provides recommendations supported by literature.

A search engine’s database is akin to a massive repository of information, where text, images, videos, and other media are stored. Traditionally, databases are organized using a methodology called normalization. This process involves structuring the data into multiple tables and eliminating redundant information, resulting in a more efficient and manageable system. However, search engine databases are different in nature and follow a different set of principles. They are typically not normalized to the same extent as traditional databases due to the unique challenges posed by the massive scale and dynamic nature of the data they handle.

One way in which companies can improve their search technology is by addressing the issue of data quality. While search engines gather data from various sources across the web, there can be inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and errors in the information retrieved. These issues can negatively impact users’ search experience and the overall reliability of the search engine. By focusing on improving data quality, companies can enhance the accuracy and relevance of search results, thereby increasing user satisfaction.

Improving data quality requires companies to employ sophisticated algorithms and techniques. One approach is to integrate data cleansing mechanisms into the search engine’s database management system. These mechanisms can identify and correct errors, remove duplicate entries, and standardize data formats. Additionally, implementing data validation techniques can ensure that the retrieved information is reliable and up-to-date. Research by QasemiZadeh and Roshani (2016) highlights the significance of data quality management in search engines, emphasizing its impact on user trust and satisfaction.

Another aspect that companies can consider when improving their search engine databases is the organization and categorization of information. While search engines use complex algorithms to determine the relevance of search results, enhancing the database’s structure can further refine the search process. Companies can employ techniques such as information extraction, data mining, and natural language processing to extract meaningful information from unstructured data and categorize it effectively. By organizing the database in a more structured manner, companies can provide users with more accurate and granular search results.

Research by Del Corso et al. (2017) highlights the significance of effective categorization in search engines, particularly in the context of user intent understanding and query refinement. By improving the categorization and organization of data, search engines can better understand search queries and provide more relevant results, reducing the need for users to refine their queries.

In conclusion, companies like Google and Microsoft can indeed improve their search technology by focusing on enhancing their databases. By addressing issues related to data quality and organizing information effectively, they can enhance the accuracy, relevance, and overall user experience of their search engines. Literature highlights the significance of data quality management and effective categorization in search engines, providing valuable insights and recommendations for further research and development in this area.

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