**** need it next 3 hours*****Need a 500-word essay on the b…

**** need it next 3 hours***** Need a 500-word essay on the below topic: Describe how the business culture can have an impact on a company’s implementation of a new Information Governance program. Include 3 journal article references APA format intext citation of references No plagiarism


The impact of business culture on a company’s implementation of a new Information Governance (IG) program is a critical factor to consider when undertaking such initiatives. Business culture refers to the shared values, beliefs, and practices that shape the behavior and decision-making processes within an organization. Effective implementation of an IG program requires a supportive and adaptive culture that aligns with the goals and objectives of the initiative. This essay will discuss how business culture can influence the success or failure of an IG program, drawing on key insights from three scholarly journal articles.

One aspect of business culture that can impact the implementation of an IG program is the leadership style within the organization. According to Simkin and Engwall (2001), the commitment and support of top management are crucial for the successful adoption and execution of strategic initiatives. Leaders who are supportive of the IG program and communicate its importance to all levels of the organization help create a culture of accountability and compliance. In contrast, leaders who are resistant to change or lack understanding of the significance of IG may create barriers to implementing the program effectively. An article by McShane, Olekalns, and Travaglione (2016) emphasizes that leaders who demonstrate a transformational leadership style, characterized by empowering employees and fostering innovation, are more likely to create a culture that embraces change and adopts new initiatives such as IG programs.

Organizational culture, as reflected in the values and norms shared among employees, also plays a significant role in IG program implementation. According to Mahmood, Lu, and Chelst (2013), organizations with a culture of transparency, trust, and openness to collaboration are more likely to succeed in implementing IG programs. Such cultures promote sharing of information, cooperation, and a sense of responsibility for data governance among employees at all levels. Conversely, an organizational culture that lacks trust, silos information, and promotes individualism may hinder the successful implementation of an IG program by impeding information sharing, collaboration, and the adoption of new practices. This highlights the need for organizations to proactively establish a culture that supports the principles and goals of IG.

The third factor to consider is the level of employee engagement and acceptance of the IG program. In their article on employee engagement in change management, Saks (2006) argues that employees who are engaged and feel a sense of ownership in the change process are more likely to support and actively participate in implementing new initiatives. An IG program that involves employee input, provides clear communication, and offers training and resources to help employees adapt to new procedures is more likely to be embraced and successfully implemented. On the other hand, an IG program that is imposed on employees without their involvement or understanding may face employee resistance, leading to ineffective implementation.

In conclusion, the impact of business culture on the implementation of a new Information Governance program cannot be underestimated. Leadership style, organizational culture, and employee engagement all play significant roles in determining the success or failure of such initiatives. To effectively implement an IG program, organizations must foster a culture that embraces change, promotes transparency and collaboration, and engages employees throughout the process. Failure to consider these cultural factors may result in implementation challenges and hinder the organization’s ability to achieve its IG goals.

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