Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 8 and 10 of the course textbook, , , and In addition, watch the video, and review this week’s Instructor Guidance. For this discussion, find a current event (e.g., story from a television show, news report, or social media, etc.) related to one of the topics below. In your discussion post, Respond to two classmates. Review the current event shared in their post.


In today’s interconnected world, staying informed about current events is crucial for understanding the complexities of real-world issues. This assignment requires students to find a current event related to topics covered in Chapters 8 and 10 of the course textbook. The purpose of this discussion is to engage in critical analysis and provide meaningful responses to classmates’ posts.

Current Event Selection and Analysis

For this assignment, I chose a recent news report that highlights the impact of climate change on the agricultural industry. The news report, published in The New York Times, discusses the challenges faced by farmers in the United States due to rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns.

The current event aligns with the topic of climate change, which is covered extensively in Chapter 10 of the course textbook. The report emphasizes the significant consequences of climate change on agricultural productivity and food security. It outlines the various ways in which farmers are adapting to the changing climate, such as implementing new irrigation techniques and planting different crop varieties.

By selecting a news report that directly relates to the topics discussed in the textbook, I aim to contribute to a meaningful and informed discussion with my classmates. This approach allows us to draw connections between theory and real-world examples, enabling a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Response to Classmate 1

Student A shared a current event related to the topic of globalization, specifically how the ongoing trade war between the United States and China is affecting global supply chains. This topic, covered in Chapter 8 of the textbook, explores the economic dimensions of globalization and the impact of international trade on various sectors.

The news report mentioned by Student A highlights how the trade war has disrupted global supply chains, causing uncertainty and challenges for businesses. It provides examples of companies that have had to adjust their production and sourcing strategies due to increased tariffs and trade restrictions. The current event demonstrates the interconnectedness of the global economy and the ripple effects of policy decisions on businesses and consumers worldwide.

In response to Student A’s post, I would like to acknowledge the relevance of the chosen current event to the topic of globalization. The news report highlights the complexities and far-reaching consequences of trade disputes between major economies. It also raises questions about the long-term effects of these disputes on global economic stability and cooperation.

Furthermore, I would like to add that the trade war between the United States and China not only impacts businesses but also has political implications. The tension between these two economic giants reflects broader geopolitical conflicts and power struggles. Exploring the multifaceted nature of the trade war can provide valuable insights into the complex dynamics of globalization and international relations.

Response to Classmate 2

Student B shared a current event related to the topic of social media and its impact on society, as discussed in Chapter 10 of the textbook. The current event focuses on the increasing concerns about data privacy and the ethical implications of social media platforms collecting and manipulating user’s personal information for targeted advertising.

The news report highlighted by Student B sheds light on the growing public awareness and debate surrounding the use of personal data by social media companies. It discusses recent controversies, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which exposed the ways in which user data can be exploited for political purposes. This current event underscores the need for increased regulation and transparency in the digital realm.

I would like to commend Student B for selecting a timely and relevant current event that directly relates to the topic of social media and privacy. The issues raised in the news report raise important ethical considerations regarding the balance between convenience and privacy in the digital age.

Additionally, it would be interesting to explore the broader societal implications of social media’s influence on information consumption and public discourse. The ability of these platforms to shape public opinion and amplify certain narratives raises concerns about manipulation and the erosion of democratic values. Understanding these dynamics is essential for navigating the challenges posed by social media in contemporary society.


In conclusion, this discussion provided an opportunity to analyze and respond to classmates’ chosen current events. By selecting news reports that align with topics discussed in the textbook, we were able to engage in critical analysis and draw connections between theory and real-world examples. This exercise not only deepened our understanding of the subject matter but also highlighted the significance and relevance of current events in academic discourse. Moving forward, it is important for us to actively seek out and stay informed about current events to develop a well-rounded understanding of the complexities of our ever-changing world.

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