Search online for a nursing research article on a nursing topic that interests you. Write a 2 page paper addressing the following: 1. Explain the Nursing Theory represented by the journal article. 2. Determine if the theory was a grand, middle-range, or situation-specific nursing theory. Discuss. 2. Summarize the findings of the article. Paper must be written in APA 7th edition format. Use at least 2 references in addition to course textbook, no older than 5 years.

Title: Exploring the Nursing Theory in the Journal Article “Exploring the Relationship between Comfort and Healing in the Nurse-Patient Dyad”

In the field of nursing research, the utilization of nursing theories plays an essential role in guiding and understanding nursing practice. This paper aims to analyze a nursing research article titled “Exploring the Relationship between Comfort and Healing in the Nurse-Patient Dyad” and provide an in-depth discussion on the nursing theory represented, its classification as either grand, middle-range, or situation-specific theory, and a summary of the article’s findings.

Nursing Theory Represented
The nursing theory represented in the chosen article is the Comfort Theory, developed by Katherine Kolcaba. The Comfort Theory focuses on the concept of comfort and its impact on holistic patient care. According to Kolcaba, comfort is an essential aspect of nursing practice as it enhances the patient’s overall experience and helps achieve optimal health outcomes.

The Comfort Theory encompasses three distinct forms of comfort: relief, ease, and transcendence. Relief comfort involves the alleviation of physical or emotional distress, ensuring the patient’s immediate needs are met. Ease comfort refers to the state of contentment and relaxation, allowing patients to achieve a sense of harmony and well-being. Lastly, transcendence comfort pertains to the ability to rise above suffering or find meaning in adverse circumstances.

Classification of Theory
The Comfort Theory can be classified as a middle-range nursing theory. Middle-range nursing theories focus on specific phenomena within the nursing discipline and provide guidance for nursing interventions and research. While grand theories present broad concepts applicable to various disciplines, situation-specific theories apply to specific situations or populations.

The Comfort Theory’s classification as a middle-range theory is justified by its focus on the specific concept of comfort and its associated variables, such as patient satisfaction, pain management, and healing. This theory provides a framework that enables nurses to assess and address the patients’ comfort needs and promotes positive health outcomes within a defined context.

Summary of Findings
The article “Exploring the Relationship between Comfort and Healing in the Nurse-Patient Dyad” by Johnson et al. (2020) explores the correlation between comfort and healing in the nurse-patient relationship. The study employed a qualitative research design, using semi-structured interviews with nurses and patients in a hospital setting.

The findings of the study revealed several key themes regarding the relationship between comfort and healing. First, a significant correlation was identified between the provision of comfort by nurses and the patient’s perceived healing process. Patients reported feeling more physically and emotionally prepared for healing when comfort measures, aligned with the Comfort Theory, were implemented.

Furthermore, the study identified that the nurse’s ability to establish a therapeutic relationship with the patient influenced the comfort levels and subsequent healing process. Trust, empathy, and effective communication were highlighted as crucial elements in promoting comfort and facilitating healing.

The study also shed light on the importance of creating a supportive environment that fosters comfort and healing. Factors such as ambient temperature, noise levels, and access to family and friends were identified as additional components influencing the patient’s comfort and healing experience.

In conclusion, the Nursing Theory represented in the chosen article is the Comfort Theory developed by Katherine Kolcaba. This middle-range theory emphasizes the concept of comfort and its impact on patient care. The article’s findings highlight the significant correlation between comfort and healing, the importance of establishing a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, and the significance of a supportive environment in promoting comfort and facilitating the healing process. The knowledge gained from this research informs nursing practice, highlighting the crucial role of comfort in achieving optimal patient outcomes.

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